Friday, July 19, 2013


I began to write a posting on July 17, before we knew what God had planned for our sweet Kim.... Kim was taken home that evening to heaven. My entire family is in shock. As I am writing this, tears are running down my face.... Please sweet Jesus watch over Kim, she is safe now with you and is in no pain. Please watch over our family, heal our hearts as we keep Kim alive within ourselves.:

"I don't have a very large extended family. Some may think it is, but in reality, it's truly not. I have a few aunts, a few uncles and a few cousins. Most live in different states and many times, communication is sparse. But we are all bonded, in an unspoken way. When one of us is in need, we all speak up and rally.

My cousin Kim lives in North Carolina. I have not seen her in "real life" in many years. Maybe the last time was my wedding ? ! But we keep up on each others lives via Facebook. When she recently visited my mom, I was able to see her via Facetime.... Love technology for that....

Over the years I've seen her be the most amazing mother to her two girls. She has been their mom, their friend and their biggest supporter. Kim has a love of baking and would share pictures of her amazing cakes with us on Facebook. She is just an all around amazing person with a huge faith in God.

Well, Kim has cancer. C-a-n-c-e-r.. she is in surgery now to remove her kidney and get more answers on what type, what extent and what the next course is. From my experience, cancer attacks at the most unexpected times. It doesn't warn it's coming, it just becomes present.

I am praying for Kim today. "

Kim and I in 1979... wasn't she beautiful? She still looked exactly the same all these years later. I love you Kim !

Friday, July 12, 2013

Lipstick messages

Yesterday was my birthday. Nothing fabulous. At this point of my age, it's just another year older. Nothing monumental, not a new decade, nothing to go crazy about.... But it got me thinking about when my sisters and I were younger, (and anyone else who may have lived here from time to time) my mom would write lipstick messages on our bathroom mirror. Most of the times it would say "Happy Birthday" to us. And if I was having a terrible week , it would be something encouraging like "I love you, have a great day."

Well, I definitely miss my lipstick messages. I wish when they were written, we had Facebook or Instagram. What a cool thing to have captured.

Here is a picture of what one may have looked like, not ours, but similar.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Noah's dedication

A month later and I've finally gotten around to posting about this amazing day. Originally Mr. B and I wanted to have the dedication at home, but we opted to have it in a restaurant instead. Less clean up, less set up and less stress ! We went to one place and fell in love with it. We booked it on the spot. Here is what it looks like inside, if you know me in real life, you know this is 100% my style.
I looked online for a while to find the right invite. Most websites are pre printed invites that all said "Baptism or Christening".... it was hard to find one that actually said or allowed me to write dedication. I went with the good old staple, Vistaprint. I also designed labels there as well. Below you can see both.
The cake was something I wasn't 100% sold on since we really didn't need one because there was a dessert buffet. But I figured for picture use, it would be good.... hindsight, I have one picture of it !!! Waste of money, although the cake was delicious. I had Audrey's Bakery make it. I sent them an email of a similiar style cake and they recreated it with my son's name and the coloring I wanted.
Here are some more detail shots, starting from top left to right : back of invite, the sign for the restaurant, a bracelet given to Noah from his Godfather and a sign from his grandparents to remember the day.
 We used our awesome photographer that took Noah's newborn pictures and Easter pictures. I didn't want to worry about capturing the day and I knew my camera would not do it justice. She's so very talented and I plan on using her a few more times too. If you are on Long Island, seriously, book her. Jennifer Bennett Photograpy
Here are some more details. I found the framed handprint on Amazon. I was so surprised to find it ! Here is the original company that sells them The Grandparent Co.  My only gripe, which probably wouldn't have happened if Noah was younger, is that the ink was not dark enough. Maybe if he was less alert, like the newborn stage, we could've gotten a better print. Ah, live and learn.
 The chocolate crosses were made by one of our family members. My goodness they were amazing !The white chocolate was my favorite !!
I ordered cookies from Walnut Street Bakers . She is awesome. I have worked with her many times. We met many years ago at a street fair and I have used her ever since ! The cookies were so good and she can make just about any shape of cookie.
 The prints and sign that says "God Bless this Child" both come from Etsy.
The ceremony was done right in front of the fireplace so I was able to decorate the mantle. How perfect are those flowers/plants? I did not bring them ! It just worked out well.
So that's how we celebrated dedication our son. It was an amazing day. Just as I had hoped.