Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It took me forever to find new bedding and when I found it I loved it.... for about three months and never used it again !! So now I am on the search again. I do not love duvet covers, never have and never will. I like something I can mix and match with the current sheet and pillow case selection I own. I don't really care too much about shams, who really needs all that matching patterns anyway. OVERKILL ! ... so here is the current situation...

I've been looking at this from Target for months. And now it's on sale ... contemplating getting... what ya think peeps? And yes I am aware of the stupid verticals that have to go asap. Working on it.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Put a lil love ...

in the outside. When we first purchased the home I knew I wanted to do something different to the outside landscaping. Last Spring we hired someone to remove all of the bushes from the front and plant a Blue Spruce tree for us. We then planted some more small leyland cypresses in the front of the house. Here are some before and after pictures.


After (this was when we first planted everything, since then all is much bigger)

My goal for this year is to repaint the shutters burgundy. From sun exposure they are a bit faded and it drives me nuts. I then want to add window boxes below each of the three windows. A friend of mine photo shopped what it might look like below. I love it and can not wait to get them !

We've also done some backyard work as well. We began with a backyard gem that looked like this

And turned it into this.... We've put some more ornamental grasses behind the trellis/arbor. We are going to be redoing the retaining wall this spring too ... Now only if we can get grass to grow this year it would be amazing !! Baby steps lol

Friday, March 25, 2011

Love grows sometimes...

So allow me to introduce myself and my darling. His name is Keith. I'll take ya on a lil picture history of us through out the years. Here were are at our tender ages, Keith has always been silly since the beginning. Helps when life hands you some lemons, that's for sure. Gosh we look young here. This is us on our wedding day... ahhh so happy, what a great great day... The cliche saying "it's the best day of your life," is really the truth. I have never been more relaxed or happy in my life. And here is the most current picture of us. I am so not a fan of pictures of myself.... don't mind my darling's face, it was his brother's wedding and he was a little tipsy. I've realized whatever life has handed us, we've done it together. Of course we've had ups and downs, but who hasn't? Just act as a team and commit to the future as a team and life will be great. So that's all for now.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Come and gather



So here is my latest project. We purchased our home in 2009 and have been decorating it non stop since. Luckily we bought a home with great bones and all it needed was our personal touches. We have more to go but we have been currently working on our dining room. We have added chair rail, a new chandelier and if you can tell the divider between the sheetrocked wall and the cedar wood wall is now changed. Next up, wainscoting. I am hoping for this weekend ore next to complete this renovation.

We really love our dining room. It's a great place for holidays or any time we have family or friends over to gather.

Well it's about time !

hey hey I will try to update this as much as I can for now take a peek at this ...