Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jingle bell jingle bell rock...

Oh yes it's that time of the year again. One we were celebrate by eating, drinking and being merry. Oh and we give presents and decorate and drink hot cocoa !!! Sense how much I love Christmas time? Normally Mr. B and I put up two and half tree. Yes a half, because we have a small Nightmare before Christmas Tree we put up too. But this year this is the  only tree that will be up because of the anticipation of our babe's arrival. (Babies have a lot of items and we need room). We picked the white tree only to be set up this year because of it's location, next year it's back to business as usual.
And well, with Christmas time comes Christmas cards. I wasn't even going to do this at all this year but I figured it was my last time to make a card. Next year I think we will put the babe's gorgeous face on it, like most proud parents do !
As always a select few gets them. I don't think these 18 people realize just how darn lucky they are !!!!
Not my best work but hey, I had to work with what I had, including a large 38 week month belly !
And a little personalization =) Always BB made


So do you make cards? Do you send cards? Do you send picture cards? Do you love this year or what? I'd love to hear what others do too, so please feel free to leave me a little comment love !  

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shower + two

We are so truly blessed. Our shower was in October. My family arranged and coordinated it all for us. When Mr. B and I were married I was very hands on with my bridal shower, this time I glady took a back seat. I am so glad I did so, the shower was perfect. Here are some pictures from our awesome day.
Here are our invites and thank you cards. Are they cute or what?  My camera doesn't capture the true gray they are but you get the idea.
How cute is the back of the thank yous?
Some of the gifts !

And more !

Yes you guessed it more !
I generally don't like pictures of myself but this one was the only safe one to post ! I am so happy here ! And I have tons and tons of clothes on my lap for our little babe. Can you imagine? His closet it full !!!
Ah the infamous shower hat made by one of my besties. She's a good sport. Came all the way from Brooklyn too ! Love her !

Crazy face right ! LOL
                                                                    Cute cake right???!!!!
Of course there were games to keep our guests from being way too bored during the day. One of them was to make a baby out of Playdoh. The results were my favoritre. And yes you do see a bowling pin, my oldest sister has a great sense of humor lol.
Ah the Playdoh baby game. My guests were such great artists !

This beautiful blanket was handmade from a friend of my moms. She also made us an awesome sock monkey ! (I will show you that once I show you the nursery)
another crazy face but how gorgeous is this blanket??? !!!

My shower was planned and booked, but the timing didn't quite work for one special lady in my life. My best friend had a three week trip back to her "mother land," the UK. So this is how we celebrated the day of, thanks to my sister in laws IPhone (yes, peeps, sadly I am still a non smart phone carrier) Crazy faces right !!! LOL

But then she came back and planned a little shower of our own. This is the sign that was hanging and to explain a bit more of "this is where it all began," was because the place she took me, was the place I had my bridal shower. So technically it all did begin there =).

The adorable set up she had for us

our gift basket. See that front right package, it's an Underground onesie straight from the UK

She planned it all, here's our dessert !!! YUM

US !!! 18 years of friendship right here.... wish I put on some blush...eeeeeeeekkkkkkkk

Told ya we are pretty blessed right? Our babe's due date will be two weeks from this upcoming Friday. I can not believe how fast this went. I am so ready for him to be here. He is going to be such a beautiful blessing from God. We made him and God will deliver him. Sigh... life really is about to change =). 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Our babes $40.00 dresser & a very old bookshelf

I knew that I didn't want the traditional changing table nor did I want things to really match perfectly together in his room. At first, I had a french provincial style in my head, but once we found out it was a boy, I felt it was just way too girly. We have a great thrift store by our home, with amazing furniture. Earlier on in my pregnancy my mom and I stopped there while Mr. B went to the gym. Luckily, Mr. B and his truck were down the road from the thrift store when we found this gem. There was even a sale going on and the final price was $40.00 ! Can you believe it? This thing is solid.
Now of course I wanted to take on the task of refinishing it but we do not have a basement or garage and I knew that it may not be the best idea seeing I was pregnant and all. Ya know, fumes etc. So my father in law happily took on the task. I have to say I kid with him that he's a perfectionist, but wow, this was totally impressive. Here is the "new"dresser in all it's glory. Funny story on the color selection. I knew I wanted blue and one day we were at a BBQ at one of our family member's home. This color was inspired by the vinyl siding of their very cool neighbor's home !  So awesome right? Very random I know lol !
Then we have the babe's bookshelf. This bookshelf has been in my family for as long as I can remember and has been many, many different colors. When it was left to us after we bought our home, I painted it what you see here from all yellow. Not bad, but not going to match for our babe's room.
With a little paint (low VOC of course) we have this ! Now I was not as much as a perfectionist with this as my father in law was with the dresser, but I am okay with that, I truly do love it.
 And now with the entire shelf filled to the brim ! This babe is one lucky little boy. See all those books? Yea they came from my shower ! So very cool.
More to share soon of the entire room. Just some more finishing touches (i.e curtains and curtain rods) and then we are done. We just need him ! =)

Friday, November 09, 2012

Hurricane Sandy, Nor'easter Athena, & beautiful Baby B

What a two week span this has been. Clearly, it's been longer since I've last updated the blog. Long Island, NY and NJ were pummeled with Sandy's nasty presence. She left us wounded but certainly not broken for long. We will rebuild and once again be stronger than ever. I was blessed to fair well, the only things we lost was power. Power is something we can deal with when others lost it all. If you haven't seen, here are some of the pictures that show just what happened here.
Breezy Point Queens

Fire Island, Long Island

Staten Island, New York

New York Subways

Our ever so famous gas lines
It's been stressful, it's been hard. I am 8 1/2 months pregnant and I have been more stressed than I needed to be over what would/could happen to our home, loved ones and if and when we'd get power again. The gas shortage has me edgy too but it will pass. All things pass. And you become better, stronger and more prepared.

Our little babe is doing great, but I may have over done it. Too much stress, less water intake and doing way more than I should has landed me ordered semi bed rest and to drink lots of water. I am now seeing the doctor every other day to make sure things are okay. So far it's been a scary ride. I can not wait to meet our son. It's becoming more and more real with every passing day.

To my fellow New Yorkers, Long Islander and New Jerseyians (is there such a thing lol?), stay strong. God is watching over all of us. This is not permanent and life will return to all of us and be better than ever. For the rest of you reading my blog, pray for us. We need shelter, prayer, and love.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I've been struggling with writing postings as of late. Mainly because I don't really know what direction to take my blog in. Truth be told, I am me. I write about my life and what is going on in it at the moment. And well, right now, it's me being preggers.
I kind of want to take some time and let you know some of my truths that maybe no one will tell you or maybe you won't ever feel. (especially if you are man, you will definitely never feel these things lol) 
Being preggers is hard work. No joke. We all know how our body changes, sure of course, but how about the ups, downs, pains, aches, and weird things that go on? It's kind of a roller coaster ride.
The first few weeks, I felt fine. Then "morning sickness" kicks in. This term must have been made up from a man, because it's certainly not just for the mornings!  Then there was low progesterone levels that were treated with meds, these were up messy and just added to my nausea. Do the best you can to not to get a cold while preggers, because that "common cold" turns into hell on wheels. You can literally take nothing. So if you get a cough, ha ha on you. Cough it out and suffer. After all of this I started feel good got the amazing "glow" everyone told me all about. But sadly, that only lasted for so long too ! Because come that sneaky third trimester watch out ! Aches, pains, and emotions that you never thought you'd feel, are felt.
But guess what ? Through all of these aches, pains and complaints, the mind blowing process of creating a little human makes you so overwhelmed with an amazing emotion. There have been times I have sat and said to Mr. B, "Can you believe you and I created him?, can you believe he has our blood running through his veins?" I already love him so much that I can not wait to meet him. I can only imagine seeing him for the first time and how I will fill with so much more love. In just a few more weeks our lil B will make his first appearance. Life is going to be nothing short of amazing !

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Lots of thoughts and selections going on right now. Here are some that are to be purchased for our babe's room.

In other news the weather in NY is amazing right now and there are now pumpkin spice coffees & lattes popping up all over. Yum ! I can smell Fall. FINALLY !!! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Many people know this...

but my friends in blogland may not...

We found out on my birthday (July 11th) and "boy" are we stoked ! This is the very image that I spread the word with via text to my family. (courtesy of google images) We have been planning a lot and now that it's getting closer to do the things we planned, I am of course, getting overwhelmed. Who knew a little baby could need so many different things !  So much to figure out, plan for and most of all, look forward to seeing. I can not wait to meet a our little guy and see what he looks like. My hope is he has curly hair, big eyes (like mom and dad) and a little cleft in his chin, just like his mom and dad... Of course my wish is for him to be healthy and as it stands now, I thank God at 24 1/2 weeks, he is all good. It's a pretty exciting and nerve wracking journey. But all in all, I know once he arrives, life is going to be nothing short of fantastic.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How your plans change

Before I became pregnant I had many visions for our baby's future room. I made this posting quite some time ago with inspiration pictures. Fast forward until now and there is not one thing in this posting that we are going with anymore. But it's fun to see and share !

This link shows you one of my inspirations from another person's blog. Very beautiful but not quite us anymore.

I was so sure this would have been our mobile. Yea, not so much anymore. Even though I will be going with a very non traditional one, this is definitely not it.


At the time I didn't know what sex our child would be, but if it was a boy I loved the look of plaids and huntsman. Yep, again, now not so much ! 

 Then it came down to the changing table. I knew all along I did not want a traditional one at all (same as now) but these styles are not where we are heading anymore either !

More old inspiration below. Still not even close. Funny how your tastes can change with in a year right? Wild ! 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Our babe's first round of gifting

I've been quite nervous through out this entire journey and at first, I asked my family not to buy anything. But after many months, I became a lot better with it.  Here are some of the awesome things we have gotten from our families.
Booties made from a friend of my father in law. We've never met this person but so so nice of her to do.

Books from my sister. Super funny too.

Our first official gift from my sister in law. She bought this on her cruise that she was on when she heard the news.

From my sister in law and brother in law. That's our babe right there =)

These are from my in laws. So cute.They are bath mittens and towels

The first set of onesies from my mom. So cute.

We are so happy that our families are so loving and generous to us. My oldest sister sent me a beautiful arrangement of flowers too.  I was pretty sick when she sent them and sadly I never photographed them. They were a beautiful surprise to come home to one day on my door step with an adorable card attached telling me that she was sorry I was so sick and this will all be worth it in the end ! Adorable =).

This is one exciting journey for sure. I am 21 weeks now and I have started to feel our little babe kick away in there. What an amazing thing.