Monday, April 23, 2018

Why are we always apologizing for our actions...

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A recent post that my sister in law wrote on FB got me thinking about this. Everything we seem to say we tend to have this insistent need to censor ourselves. We seem to always have to include a disclaimer on things we know could spark controversy or have someone possibly disagree with our actions. What for? Why can't we just live?

I for one, know that people truly can't handle the truth (I do see how I sound like a 90's movie here) or possibly really don't want to hear it. I lived my 20s and most of my 30s in many friendships where I was very truthful with my actions and about theirs, and want to guess where those friendships are now??? It's just not worth it ! 

People don't like the truth. People like to see pretty pictures of our top hits on the Internet. Then, we take those pictures and manifest them into these grand moments. Moments we are pretty certain happen every day in the lives we view. Then bam ! We feel bad about our OWN lives... We don't have that new bag? We didn't take those beautiful family pictures? We didn't buy a home? We don't travel that much? We didn't decorate our home that way? But you see, if people told the TRUTH all the time, who would really covet that life? 

What's the point? All we can do is live OUR best life. Because at the end of the day and the end of us, what more is there?

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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Ever have a song speak to you...

Randomly yesterday I was looking up Sutton Foster and came across this song. It kind of hit me in the gut. I've never heard it  or even knew it existed before yesterday. It's really beautiful.

Time may hold in store for us glory or defeat
Maybe never more for us, life will seem so sweet
Time may change so many things, tides will ebb and flow
But wherever fate may lead us always we shall know

Come the wild, wild weather, come the wind, come the rain
Come the little white flakes of snow, come the joy, come the pain
We shall still be together when our life story ends
For wherever we chance to go we shall always be friends

We may find while we're traveling through the years
Moments of joy and love and happiness
Reason for grief, reason for tears

Come the wild, wild weather if we've lost all we've won
We'll remember these words we say till out story is done

We may find while we're traveling through the years
Moments of joy and love and happiness
Reason for grief, reason for tears

Come the wild, wild weather, come the wind, come the rain
Come the little white flakes of snow, come the joy, come the pain
We shall still be together when our life story ends
For wherever we chance to go
Wherever we chance to go we shall always be friends

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Momma said they'll be days like this... but forgot to mention some things

You all know the famous song, but what "momma" didn't tell you that when you become a mom yourself, the worry you'll feel. The crazy thoughts that creep in. The scenarios that make zero sense but yet, you still run them over and over in your head.

She couldn't tell you of the immense love that you will feel for your kid. They literally can do nothing wrong and everything they do is just insanely perfect. Even, when they are acting out. She couldn't explain that to you before being a mom yourself because you could never quite understand.

She couldn't explain to you that one day, you will question your every move, every action and feel sad. You'll feel like you could, should do more. But what?

Life is a HUGE roller coaster. Some days we are on the very top, some days on the bottom, some days scared out of our minds and some days rolling into the safe finish line. Whatever today is for you, I hope you make it through on top.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

It takes a village...

Sure, we've heard that saying in relation to raising kids right? But what about living every day life? Sometimes it does take a village just to get through your every day routine.

Most days we don't need extra hands on deck. But then, there are... those days. The ones where from start to finish it's a mess. Where everything goes wrong. When on top of everything going wrong, more bad news arrives. When it "feels" as if everyone else in the world seems to have it all. More than you could ever imagine... Those days is when it takes a village to pull us back up.

I've had too many of those days to count. Loneliness creeps in and you find yourself re evaluating everything. Relationships, decisions, friendships, life lines...but then it seems God has a way of putting more hands on deck. More check in calls that didn't happen in the days prior, texts or even social media comments that help you along to make you feel less alone. I see no coincidence there, it's really a divine intervention.

So for those darker days, hang on because help is coming !

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


I never wanted children. I never imagined my life with kids. Sure, there were the "what if" conversations with my husband and the picking of "what if" names... but I never really wanted them. THEN ONE DAY... it hit me. It was almost like a spark that went off, a light that brightened and all I knew is I couldn't wait to see us as parents. We were blessed to conceive quickly and 9 months later, love like I never knew came to us.

I've been a "mommy" for about 4 and a half years now. There is no sweeter sound than hearing my son call my name. Sure, parenting is not for the weak of heart. It's tough. It's a constant worry of "am I screwing this up?, will he be okay? Why is this so hard for me and no one else?, and how did I ever love before this tiny person existed?" But man, it's worth those thoughts.

My child is my ENTIRE world. Every choice I now make in life reflects back to him and is a conscious effort because of him. My husband and I decided before we had a kid, how we would handle some things. Some we've stuck to and some we have not. But I can tell you, we always knew once a child entered, we would forever be changed. And we have been.

From the moment they placed Noah in our arms, our hearts would never be the same. But isn't that the best gift? Each step has been pretty great and just when I think I can't handle the day, something tings at my heart strings to make it all worthwhile. Seriously, we watch videos of him some nights after he goes to bed. It's that kind of love.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Together is our favorite place to be ...

Ain't this the truth. This session was quite the amusement; wind, one fiery toddler and a very patient photographer. I truly love how they came out. Many shots that captured us and the love we have for each other. Some people poke fun on why I have many professional pictures taken of Noah or us and that's okay. I want to always remember this time in our lives before he's too big to think we are cool or doesn't want to take them anymore.

Here is my family. My love. My world. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did =)

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Good enough...

I am sure everyone has asked themselves this once or twice along their life, "Am I good enough?" For me, I ask myself this question weekly. It's hard to just go along course of life without asking this question. Well, for me it is.

When I was a kid, I would say I was a considered "nervous nelly". Be it my surroundings that caused my hyper sensitiveness or just my make up. Fast forward to my teenage/early twenty years when it was really just me. "Single" me. This "Beth" was extremely more care free and worried less about consequences/responsibility. She didn't last very long ;)

Over the years, I gained more and more responsibility, an awesome husband and now a precious son. Life changes you. Life molds you for sure. But maybe you are who you always were all the way from the start?

At 37, I have realized exactly who I am. It took a long time to get here and I am sure I still have more to go.I am finally comfortable in my own skin. I see myself as beautiful. I have come to know all of my favorite things. And I know I am very much a home body. I like to stick to a small circle of people I trust. When I love them, I really LOVE them. I love to host gatherings at my home, to share my home with them. If I invite you to my house, know I am very comfortable with you. I am not saying this as a prize, I am simply saying that my nerves tend to get in the way sometimes and if I let you in, where I feel most comfortable, know you are a gift to me.

I also know there is a big world out there, but I am happy with living local and spending time with my loved ones. I am happy with seeing the great big "world" through my kiddos eyes. Do you know how wonderful it was to watch him play in a mud puddle in my very own backyard??!! Do you know how it was amazing to see his face light up on a go kart? This to me is everything.