Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I've been struggling with writing postings as of late. Mainly because I don't really know what direction to take my blog in. Truth be told, I am me. I write about my life and what is going on in it at the moment. And well, right now, it's me being preggers.
I kind of want to take some time and let you know some of my truths that maybe no one will tell you or maybe you won't ever feel. (especially if you are man, you will definitely never feel these things lol) 
Being preggers is hard work. No joke. We all know how our body changes, sure of course, but how about the ups, downs, pains, aches, and weird things that go on? It's kind of a roller coaster ride.
The first few weeks, I felt fine. Then "morning sickness" kicks in. This term must have been made up from a man, because it's certainly not just for the mornings!  Then there was low progesterone levels that were treated with meds, these were up messy and just added to my nausea. Do the best you can to not to get a cold while preggers, because that "common cold" turns into hell on wheels. You can literally take nothing. So if you get a cough, ha ha on you. Cough it out and suffer. After all of this I started feel good got the amazing "glow" everyone told me all about. But sadly, that only lasted for so long too ! Because come that sneaky third trimester watch out ! Aches, pains, and emotions that you never thought you'd feel, are felt.
But guess what ? Through all of these aches, pains and complaints, the mind blowing process of creating a little human makes you so overwhelmed with an amazing emotion. There have been times I have sat and said to Mr. B, "Can you believe you and I created him?, can you believe he has our blood running through his veins?" I already love him so much that I can not wait to meet him. I can only imagine seeing him for the first time and how I will fill with so much more love. In just a few more weeks our lil B will make his first appearance. Life is going to be nothing short of amazing !