Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter mini's

Ah it's Easter time. I took Noah for a mini photo session last week. For those, like myself, who do not know what a "mini session" is, let me explain. It's a very fast photo session of about a 1/2 hour and when it's done you get about 5-7 pictures. The girl we use is amazing. She took his newborn pictures and was just so patient and kind. When she posted on FB she was doing Easter minis, I knew I wanted in. I plan on having Noah's pictures taken professionally every three months until a year. It makes sense because  he is three months in these pictures and at his dedication, he will be 6 months. I figure we'll stick a 9 month in too since, well, that is my favorite season !!
OK so here are the pictures from the shoot. Noah did awesome. And well so did the photographer !!!
looks a lil shocked here lol...

love this one !!

so cute, we lost his bow tie at this point !

Hands down my fave. lost his shoes here lol

seems to be a crowd pleaser

Have a wonderful Easter everyone. Remember why we celebrate. I know I do, every single time I look into my son's eyes. God is good  !!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"Who is the fairest of them all"

Lil B has super fair and super sensitive skin. We have tried many many products and sadly, we are still on the hunt for the perfect one. His skin and his hair are nothing like Mama B's or Mr. B's. This is all very new to us.

So let's go through the products what we have tried so far.

First up, Johnson's Baby Wash and Baby Lotion. I mean, who wouldn't try it. It's been around for 100's of years and when people think baby, they think of that pink bottle of lotion. I got a bunch from my shower so when Lil B had his first sponge bath we used these two things....
The fragrance definitely bothered him. So no good. I kept using the shampoo longer since it didn't seem to bother him. Some days his scalp was a bit dry but that might just be newbie scalp. Not sure.

 Then we tried the Arbonne bsby line. Got the gift set at my shower too so I figured why not give it a go. No dice. Even though it's fragrance free it just didn't do anything for his dry spots. I may give it a whirl again now that he is older and his skin is a bit different.

Then my mother in law bought us some Burt's Bees because I thought it may help. Yea not so much. The shampoo seemed to dry his scalp out more and the lotion didn't do anything at all for his dry spots. 

Our pediatrician recommended the following to us. It worked for like a day and then started to be too strong for our lil guy. He smelled really amazing though, just like his mom and dad do. I've used this forever.

When I was little and I got the chicken pox, we used Aveeno oatmeal baths. I remembered this and when I was shopping in Walmart one day saw some products in the baby aisle.  So guess what, I tried them too !  At first they worked amazing. I decided since they were working so well, let's try the shampoo too. Fail ! The smell was so good but it yet again bothered Lil B's scalp. So back to the drawing board we went. Sad. It smelled so good.
 The lotion is good. No fragrance and it did seem to work, I figured since I was switching it up, I'd stick with the same shampoo/lotion products in the switch.
 Smells so good but not good for his scalp.

What seems to be consistently working:
I tried these things on my own with out the okay from our doctor. Momma does know best ya know and ithey seem to work great on Lil B's face. (disclaimer ** I know that some may think that's nuts to not get the okay from the doctor, but it's not something that I felt would harm Lil B in anyway or I would have asked before use)
And when the quest for something good for Lil B's face came about, I immediately thought Aquaphor. In the beginning of the winter his poor face was quite chapped. I put this on and it immediatley worked.

And for diaper rash, which he's never actually gotten, I use this. What I have found it really good for is for the lil rash he gets under his neck rolls when he sweats. I have tried all things for that too (regular baby powder, cornstarch baby powder, Gold Bonds baby powder, all applied on my hand first then his neck and I even tried Shea Moisure lotion and healing therapy... no dice) I put a teeny bit of this the other day and it worked !

Here is our latest trial. This stuff smells amazing and I can not help to have a soft spot for it since it has frankincense and myrrh in it., just like baby Jesus. So far so good, although it doesn't help with Lil B's dry patches at all but it hasn't made him break out any more. Did I mention I love the smell ? LOL I also feel good about using it since it's organic and made with great ingredients. PLUS it's a local company from Long Island and well, that in my book is a huge PLUS.

What we have not tried  yet :
California Baby, Mustela, Curel itch defense, Ceravae lotion or Babyganics. I have tried the Babyganics Ezcema cream and that dried his dry spots out way too much. They are most likely are not Ezcema but it's hard to tell. Yes, I am no doctor and each time we see our Dr. those spots are not there !!! Just his dryish skin which she says is winter baby skin lol. So moms out there any words of advice? Suggestions?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mama B and Lil B's favorites things

The past few months I have come to realize some of our favorite things around here and figured I'd share. Just in case any of you were wondering. =)  

First up Lil B's favorites. The B Ball from Rhino Toys. It bends and is flexible, he gnaws at it all day. It was the first thing he could actually hold in his grasp and he seems to favor it over all of his toys.

You can buy one here
Next up Aquaphor
This stuff is amazing. Lil B used to get very dry cheeks because he is so fair and it's a dry winter. I put this on it one day and poof they were healed almost immediately. It's great for when he some how scratches his face. Which, I have no idea how, since his nails are constantly cut and filed? So weird ! But this clears up and scratch with in an hour.

Then we have our Motorola 3.5 video monitor with two cameras. We haven't used the second camera yet, but I think it will come in handy when he gets older and starts to play in his room. So many great features, like zoom, pan around to different spots of crib and music ! Lil B love to fall asleep to music. It's awesome !

Now for Mama B's favorites. Since Lil B is still, well little, there are some nights we get 8-9 hours straight aof him sleeping and then sometimes we get some breaks in between for feedings. So coffee is one of my best friends. My favorites are Folgers Vanilla Biscotti and Eight O Clock Original. Love them and my Kuerig !
Folgers Vanilla Biscotti K-Cups

And since a girl needs to look pretty, best place to start is her hands. I love Sally Hansen Hard as Nails nail hardener. Not only does it make them grow, but they are strong and my tips are super white.

And of course being a mama, my hands are always doing something. Be it washing, laundry, changing, bathing or working, it's hard to have an actual nail color on. But my go to polish is Allure by Essie. It's a nude color that works with everything and makes my nails look amazing ! And you can hardly tell when it chips !