Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Our lil red

Now where on earth did Noah's red hair come from? Well, my entire pregnancy it was a running joke that Mr. B and I would have a red head, dare I say, "ginger." I really thought there was just no way seeing that Mr. B and I are dark haired, dark eyes, olive skinned.. Here is the proof :

Us circa 2007

... but well, it happened. And here is our little red !

So where did it come from? Well there are recessive genes on both sides of our families. Here's some proof.
My side is simple, my mother :

And well, Mr. B's side is a little more complex. We have lots of aunts with red and blonde hair colors, my father in law is a blonde and my grand mother in law (miss her so so much) to me, was a red, but the verdict is still out on that ! Mr. B has cousins who have red hair and he also has cousins who have red headed kids ! 
Mr. B with his aunts. See the reds and blondes?

My father in law and grandmother in law

Mr. B with his grandmother ... see reddish no? Maybe it's from a bottle but come on !

Monday, January 14, 2013

annoucement time

Ah picking the announcement was an ordeal in itself. I didn't love any that I saw. It took some time but I finally stumbled upon one that I instantly loved from Simplytoimpress.com ... and here it is.
                    Along with the announcement we included our little family's address label =)  We've had this label before but it was awesome to add our little red.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

My pregnancy and birth story

As I mentioned in my last post my pregnancy was very long. 10 months to be exact ! But in all seriousness it was the hardest thing, by far, that I've done. I was never comfortable, I was never over the moon excited because I was scared. Scared straight.
Mr. B & I were very lucky, we only tried for three months before we got pregnant. We knew that we wanted to try in the new year of 2012. I was finished with school and ready for the next chapter in our lives. I was actually over ready. I couldn't wait to be pregnant, be a mom, and see Mr. B be a dad. My pregnancy started out just like everyone elses I assume, calm? I tested five days before I was due to get my period. I remember I had gotten the stomach bug that was going around last year and the Monday I tested, I was still off from work because of it. I texted my sister asking if she thought it was too early to test, she said no... so off I went to test. It came up with a faint line of a yes and I immediately texted her the picture. She said, "Go get another test!" and off I went to get more. More positive lines. I then texted my mom a picture, she doesn't respond... I call her, and tell her I texted her a picture of curtains (because her and I had been looking for some at the time.) She hangs up with me, calls me back and says, "What color are those curtains, blue? LOL" She didn't believe it at first because I had played so many jokes before that I was pregnant. Even an April fools text went around with a positive pregnancy test lol. (yea I know mean)
 I tested for the next five days... ten tests later, all saying positive. (proof of said tests here lol http://kokopelia.blogspot.com/2012/07/so.html ) I finally believed it. That weekend we told Mr. B's family. Everyone of course, was ecstatic.
I can remember telling my mom Easter weekend that I didn't feel pregnant. I was only about 5 weeks... that following Tuesday after a pedicure with friends on our lunch break, it hit me. Hard. Whoof, morning (um all day) sickness set in and carried me all the way to week 13. It was HARD. I was sick all day long and would puke a lot. There were times that Mr. B thought I was never going to stop. It sucked. To add to the sickness were progesterone suppositories. I had gone to the doctor and were told my levels we low and needed these. Finding a pharmacy that carried them was a whole other story, talk about stressful. Taking the suppositories increased my all day sickness. I remember feeling depressed because all I felt was sick. I missed lots of parties, birthdays and get togethers because I could not get out of bed. I had to work and I had to tell my boss I was pregnant before I even planned on doing so. Thank goodness he was understanding and allowed me to work from home for some weeks. I could not do it in the office. It was hard enough to get to work, let alone sit there all day without trying to puke. I didn't want everyone know I was pregnant yet and covering it up was even more stressful. After week 13, I felt better. Dare I say, I felt good. I got the glow. Then bam, I got a cold. Talk about luck. It was hard. Clearly, you are limited to what you can and can not take when pregnant. And it lingered. I never get sick ! My luck would be that I get sick when pregnant. I was miserable !!!
Of course, that passed. But next up week 28 and my RH negative blood type. Now, I know this is very common but for me it got very confusing. I had a weird appt. with very fast information given to me and I didn't really understand it. I was convinced that I was going to hurt our child and that I would make antibodies against him... it was not a good point. Thankfully I have amazing doctors, who apologized for the quick information and explained it all. I felt better. I got my Rhogam shot and was on my way....
 till Hurricane Sandy.... I was beyond stressed and scared. I do not do well with mother nature. It's way too unpredictable. Knowing that last year, Hurricane Irene left us with out power for five days, I knew we'd lose it again. And yep, we did. Another five days... I couldn't stay home because it was cold here and Mr. B worked during the day. I didn't know how to work our generator by myself and didn't want to risk it being pregnant. I couldn't go to work because work had power, but no Internet or phones for us to work. I spent the days at my sisters because she is a teacher and there were no schools open. Driving a fifteen minute ride to her house was stressful. The amount of traffic lights that didn't work and accidents were out of control. I would stress the entire way there... no good. So guess what happens? Week 34, we go for a  growth sono and was told my amniotic fluid was low. Um, what? I had no idea what that even meant. Of course, I called in the troops. (MOM) She came from week 34 for a nice long visit to, well, after Noah was born... (more on that later)
I got well acquainted with what low fluid meant moving forward. My doctor basically told me my fluid level was in a gray zone. Could have been stress related or something else was going on inside.  If it went lower, I was going to be admitted to the hospital immediately. For the next 6 weeks, I was at the doctor every week. Sometimes three times a week. Each visit I had a sono and was hooked up to a fetal monitor. The visits averaged about two hours each. It was stressful. On December 6th, we went for our last visit. My fluid level went below the gray level and it was time to make a decision. My doctor told me either way, I was heading to the hospital that night. We were either going to try to increase my fluids or we were having a c section. I knew that I had done everything I could to increase the fluids, I was literally drinking ten 16 ounce bottles a day, so this was not an option for me.... it was c section time. 
To say I was scared, is an understatement. I was petrified.  
Clearly Mr. B was cool and calm, he was geared up and ready to go :
We waited in labor and delivery while they administered my iv, I think took blood etc. It's kind of a blur because I was so scared. I started to shake and when the anesthesiologist came in, my mom asked if he could give me something when we got to the operating room to calm me. Thank you Jesus for that man, because he did, and I was calm... peaceful... The next thing I knew, I was telling my doctors who sang the songs in the operating room (Train and Black Eyed Peas) and twenty minutes later, life became new again. Noah was born !

I love this picture

The next four days we spent in the hospital as a family (yes Mr. B stayed) were awesome. Now, maybe that's not for everyone, but for me, I wanted Mr. B there. He wanted to stay too. The nurses at St. Charles Hospital are angels on earth. Each one of them so caring, patient, kind and just down right amazing. My stay was nice. Sure, I was in pain, but that's what the nurses and Mr. B were for ... I was over the moon (finally!) That time in the hospital with Mr. B and Lil B will always be so special in my heart. Even if there was no hot water for me to shower, (yep, told you my luck) I still wouldn't change it for the world.
I will say, my pregnancy was not fun, but the end result is so darn beautiful. Everything hard is 100% worth it. That remains true for every single aspect in life.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Introducing the new love of our lives...

Noah Daniel B... he blessed us with his amazing self on December 6th, 2012 at 5:52 pm. He was 8lbs 2oz. and 19 3/4 inches long. It was a long pregnancy but it ended with such a beautiful baby sent from above. He's amazing. Every day I love him more and more. Each night I whisper in his ear that I want him to grow up to be kind, humble and caring of others and of course, that I love him. I pray he listens, it's like my heart knows he will. I seriously love this little guy !
Here are some pictures from our five hour, you heard that right, photo session with an amazing photographer. She was so kind, calm and soothing to our little baby B.  I am so happy that one of my friends connected me with her. What a blessing. Here are some of the sneak peaks of the session.
Check her out here
 and be sure to like her here
                                                 A boy and his little super hero friends =)

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A room fit for a beatiful baby boy....

I wrote this post about a week before I had our son. I never posted it to my blog but wanted to share. It's almost been a month since baby B's arrival. Things are still a bit upside down over here, but boy are we in love !!!
It took a bit but it has all finally come together, I have some more final touches but not too much to go.  This is the most modern room in our home, even with it's vintage touches.

 It took me a while to figure exactly which direction I wanted to go with in regards to decorating. Bedding was hard because I literally hated everything. I thought I found something on ETSY but once we found out it was a boy, I wanted something a little more boyish. The one thing that I can say always remained constant regardless of the sex of the baby or style of the room,  was the Jenny Lind crib. It's my favorite. Once I figured out what colorings I wanted for the room, I knew the black was the right choice. So here is the breakdown of some things.

As I mentioned the Jenny Lind crib. Here it is in black. The crib was a gift from my in laws.  As well as the dresser that we are using for the changing table. More on that here :http://kokopelia.blogspot.com/2012/11/our-babes-4000-dresser-very-old.html
 Here is another view of the crib with some of the bedding. The quilt is from Pottery Barn Kids. (which is now on the glider) I instantly loved it when I saw it and after looking at 500000000000000000000 beddings, I knew this was the right one. We got the matching sheet too. But that's about it. I did a breathable bumper, which I know is a huge conflict for many people. But I felt the slats of the crib where Baby B's arms could end up were too large. I didn't like it. I felt more comfortable with a breathable one.
Here is another room shot. The glider was my sisters. I felt why waste a good thing? (oy ! I can tell you why, cause after nine years, it's no longer comfortable... but more on that later ) I had it in our guest room for a few years and knew I'd like to use it in here. I incorporated many colors as you can see. Crib is black, dresser and bookshelf are blues, room is gray (Martha Stewart Nimbus Cloud to be exact) rug is tanish and the glider is light oak. To tie in the oak glider, I changed the ottoman's covering and I chose to use the same color frames of the gliders body around the room. Close ups below.
Close up of the glider ottoman. Greens, blues and whites. Perfect.
Here's some more of the room. Yes, the stroller is still in the box ! But our bags are packed AND the car seat is in the car. We are ready lol. (clearly the stroller is now in my trunk lol)
I have a hook set to hang under the a/c. It will hold Mr. B's sweater from when he was young and a pair of his old shoes. Too cute.
Cool Pepsi crate right? Another shower gift from a dear friend. She knew I loved it and saw it on my Etsy favorites. I love it.

Here you can see a close up of the Pottery Barn sheets that match the quilt. Also the cool Robot Mobile.
 The mobile came from Rosenbury Rooms. Again, was not sure if I wanted one but once I went through another 50000000000000000000 mobiles, I finally found this one. A gift from my mom.

Remember I said I tied the glider color in by using the same color frames? Well here are three that hang over the babe's crib. One is a printable that I found online that has the alphabet with corresponding animals, the second is an anchor found online and the third is a saying that I found online and recreated. The saying says "First we had each other, then we had you, now we have EVERYTHING." Love it.

 And what would a boys room be with out super hero's? Well not in Mr. B's world that's for sure !  Here is a print that I found months ago of The Avengers in the "Where the Wild Things Are" style. Cute right? My lovely aunt who supplied me with the print out felt it was too scary for a babies room, but we love it !
And yes of course we needed bobble head Avengers and....
Plushies !
Cute Alligator bank right????

Now for more artwork around the room. I couldn't quite get a printable I wanted to work so I told one of my closets friends that I needed an "N" for his room.She delivered in her very cool style. Cool right?
A gift from Aunt Kris
 In the beginning I was originally going to hang embroidered hoops above the crib. I had many picked out on Etsy that I liked and some were super expensive. Mr. B's aunt volunteered to make two for us for nothing. She made the rocket and the whale, cute right? The robot in the middle came from a very nice seller on Etsy, get this, for FREE !!!! I was not expecting it, she made them for me and asked which I liked, I told her I loved the green and she mailed me them both for free ! The other is on the other wall.
 Hmm so, our babe has A LOT of clothes. Word on the street is he is not going to fit into newborn sizing so I am happy that a lot of clothes he has are in the 0-3 months section. Here is half of his closet. (PS he did fit into the newborn sizes lol)

 And the other half !!!
See that bin below his clothes??? See the next pic for a close up
Yep the babe has many shoes ! =) I guess I should organize this a little better lol.

Here's how I am organizing some of his things :
Organized in the closet by size. Closet organizers from Babies R Us
And more organization on the back of the door.From Babies R Us
And there you have it... our babe's room. More to come of my introduction of him... to be continued.