Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oh Irene, how I despise you...

Depending on who you ask on Long Island about Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene, you will get a different answer from each person.Some were not effected, some have lost cars, roofs of their homes, trees have come down in their yard and most of all, the loss of power. We have been without power since 7am Sunday morning and there are no answers on when it will be back on. It's been trying to say the least. The devastation that the storm has caused on the East coast is truly sad. Yes loosing power is not as bad as loosing lives, our homes or cars, but it's truly inconvenient. You do not feel human. Your schedule is completely off. We've lost all the food in our fridge and the contents of my freezer, I was lucky enough to bring to a friend's home. The cost of eating out for all three meals daily is becoming a huge burden. Not to mention other costs that will need to be done after we are back up and running.

For two days I could not go to work because we had no phones or internet. I stayed at my sister's during the day to kill time while my husband was at work. Better then going home in the dark alone. So grateful she hadn't gone back to school yet and I was able to be there for those days. Her and her husband also lent us their generator for us to use at night, so so grateful for that too. We use it only for a short period of time, because it doesn't run your entire home and the fumes that come off of it are not really good.

People have offered us meals, showers, stays at their home overnight and most of all a lending ear of support. That alone, is amazing. There is a misconception about us New Yorkers being rude but when we need to, we stick together. And this Hurricane is nothing short of that type of experience.

Of course we are trying to stay positive, but there are only so many games of Scrabble you can play and so many things you can do to keep yourself occupied.
And with Labor day weekend approaching, it's disheartening to realize that the plans you had, will not be done because you have no power.

Here are some pictures to share with you guys from what I have seen. I could have taken more on all different parts of the Island, but these can show you some of the idea of what's happened here. Could it have been worse, absolutely. Does it look as bad as Vermont or Upstate NY, nope. But the inconvenience of being literally powerless, makes you hope and pray that there will not be a larger storm in the future.

Here are the before shots, I prepared but that really didn't help much. I taped these windows because I was worried the trees on this side of the house would come through this window. Thank God that didn't happen.

Here are the trees I was worried about, this is the before of our side yard.

Same side after the storm

And more through out the back yard

Oh and this friendly branch that came down. It was big too. So happy it didn't cause damage.

This is a tree down by my sisters that the power authority states was not a priority to remove ! Unreal.

And the reason why I still have no power, 5 days after the storm...

This tree was cleared as of yesterday afternoon, but still no power.
Hoping for the best and back to my normal posting soon. Keep me in your thoughts peeps, I am afraid I may go postal ! ;)

Friday, August 26, 2011

There's a storm a coming....

So stupid Irene will be making landfall some time between tomorrow night and Sunday afternoon. I am hoping that this will be the one and only post I write about it. For now I'll leave you with my resources for the weekend.

Be safe everyone ! See ya Monday... or over the weekend if I do not loose power.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The magical bookshelf

This bookcase has been in my home and in my family for many, many years. When I was younger it was in our playroom. Since then the house has been rearranged and reconstructed many times. It's now in my living room. It's funny that the shelf has never moved but the room has changed quite a few times around it. It was a bedroom, playroom, office, and then living room. The original shelf was also brown. When my mother owned the house, I convinced her to let me paint it an ivory color and when we bought the house I painted it a very light grayish color.

I've color coded the books in the case. My cousin Danny, loved to make fun of me for it when I first did it. It's ok, I can see that he loves it too. ;) In most of the shelves I have books along with different items.

Here is a full shot of the bookshelf.

I took some close ups to show what hidden treasures are in it.

This is the left bottom shelf which contains a Willow Tree angel that watches over us. A friend of mine and I have the same one, wonder if she still has it? I also have a mini wedding album that is held up by the lucky brass elephant. Behind it is an old wood painting, that shows part of the map of the world. I have three more of these, two hanging up and the other on the other side of this shelf.

In this shelf, I have books with a marble horse book end that I got in a Flea Market in PA. where my mom lives. I also have a little glass pig that I bought there too. Next to it on the right, it a cake topper that was my grandparents, some more books, a "B" for my last name, and a beautiful Swarovski shell that holds a pearl, this was a gift my aunt. Below these two shelves, are of course more books and a picture of my brother in law and sister in law at their wedding, a frame with pictures from my best friend (she loves to take pictures and I love to receive the ones she takes!), a jewelry box that I believe was my grandmothers, some rocks in a bottle and a teeny tiny bell. There is also a sign that say, "Everyone is born right handed, only the gifted over come it." Hilarious !

The cake topper was my grandparents. When my grandmother was still alive I would go to her home to clean it for her. I always admired this when it was in her curio cabinet. After she passed, my mother received it and I eventually convinced her to give to me. I love it. Everything about it, I love.

The top of this next picture is more photographs from my best friend, along w a cast iron rooster, porcelain cat and small pewter duck and squirrel? I think it's a squirrel lol. The middle picture I had take in NYC by the Twin Towers location, shortly after 9-11. Below is an old jewelry box that I am not quite sure who is belonged to in my family, but I loved it and kept it for myself. On top are my baby shoes that my mother bronzed. Next to that are more books, a ceramic owl and turtles and an awesome picture of my mother when she was younger. One of my favorites.

Here is another shelf with a very old picture that my mom had that I framed, a Llardo figurine that I swore I would collect more of and never did, an old bottle that we found cleaning out the yard that I have filled with wine bottle corks and something that I can not explain other than when you hold it, the heat from your hand makes the blue water rise to the top. No clue what this is called ! There is also a small wooden cross on this shelf.
You can get a tiny glimpse of the left of this shelf is a Willow Tree Figure that my in laws bought for me for I believe our first anniversary. I love it and I love Willow Tree.

So there are some of the treasures I have in my home. Do you have any?

And yes, I have a few bibles in this bookshelf. Can you count how many?

Admitting you have a problem...

Is the first step to recovery right? What if you don't want to admit it?? Well I am not talking about anything serious, other than my love for plates ! I have so many. Pretty much for every season I have a set. Some we use and some I just use to decorate. Here is my dirty, or shall I say pretty little secret.

And this doesn't include the ones for Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas. Those are in my shed !

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Maybe it's one out of three ain't bad instead....

I had lots of plans this weekend to do many things that, simply didn't work. First up faux crown molding for my office. My mom bought it for a project of her own but it didn't work so she gave it to me. Since it was free from my mom, I decided to give it a try. From the beginning my husband swore it was not going to work. Of course, I made him put it up on the entire room before I admitted defeat. Sadly it fell off the wall during the night and off it came...
Here is one shot of it not looking half bad.
But if you look closely at this shot, where the two pieces overlay, you will see it's just not a good sight. There is no caulk in this world that could fix it.
Too bad I didn't take a picture of it falling off the wall. At that point, I was too bummed to grab the camera. Oh well.

Then I went to the fabric store to get burlap to cover my bedroom closet doors, these ones right here...
Yes burlap ! Well they only sold loose fitting burlap that was very very fuzzy, so that was a no go too. Back to the drawing board on that, maybe I will do grass-cloth wallpaper. We shall see ...

But in other highlights I scored two paintings for $23.00 total. That's what I call a deal. This one is for my husbands non man cave room (lol see this post to know what I am talking about NON MAN CAVE)

And then for our dining room. I love this one and on the back is a message from the painter to I assume their friend they were giving it to as a gift. So awesome.

So that wraps up the weekend goodies. I found some solutions for artwork for the other bathroom project we are doing. Can't wait to get started on that one.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday I'm in love....

Here are some of the latest Etsy favorites of mine

This is adorable. I have a necklace that is made like this that says my name. I am thinking of using this in an upcoming room, but of course, with a name on it ;).

How awesome are these??? I want them so bad !

I love this simple but elegant rose gold ring, so awesome.

I have a thing for burlap and embroidered items. 1 + 1 = yes ! !

And because I just love vintage dresses so much, here are two that I am jones'in for right now. Aren't they cool??

P.S. I was called hypersensitive today... um really? Not entirely true. ;)

Happy Weekend Peeps. I'll have some goodies for you next week, got some things happening on the home front this weekend.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Great song, great discontinued ice cream

Nine planets surround the sun
Only one does the sun embrace
Upon this watered one
So much we take for granted

So let us sleep outside tonight
Lay down in our mother's arms
For here we can rest safely

If green should turn to grey
Would our hearts still bloody beat
If a mountain tumbled away, river dried
Would it stop the stepping feet

Whoa, let us sleep outside tonight
Lay down in our mother's arms
For here we can rest safely
(Whoa, yes we can)

Take all that we can get
When it's done
Nobody left to bury here
Nobody left to dig the holes
And here we can rest safely
{Oh, yes we can, in blood and water)

One sweet world
Around this star is spinning
One sweet world
And in her breath I'm swimming
And here I will rest in peace