Thursday, April 19, 2012


To my followers I am going to be taking a hiatus for a while, feeling pretty sick as of lately.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


It's no secret that I not only love to host but I love Easter ! Here are some of the pictures from my Easter festivies ! I wish I took pictures of all the food and desserts. I have to remind myself to do that next time.

Every year my family makes Easter pie, some know it as Pizza Rustica as well. My uncle used to make it when he hosted at his home and when I took over, I figured might as well keep with tradition. I never did get his recipe (tisk tisk Uncle Tom) but I did find one online and added some more ingredients to it. Delish !  Here is what it looks like in pictures. Sorry no taste tests =).

All the ingredients
Mix together and stick in a pie crust

Cover with another
Bake and Finished !
I also decided to make some sausage bread too. I probably should've made two of them. So note to self in the future make two ! Here is the not so pretty before :
But the delicious after ! 

Of course I also love to decorate our table in a beautiful spring way. Here are some pictures of what I did this year. Similar to last but I just love this table cloth ! I used my every day square white plates with different round salad plates. I started to collect the plates last year and right before last Easter, the set was complete. I also used the Mikasa cheers wine goblets. I love them ! They are very delicate but so pretty.

The bird plate is one of my favorites

Yes my salt and pepper shaker is that big !

Close up of the cloth and the Hydrangea

What's Easter without an egg wreath ?? !!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and great Easter. Thanks for stopping by !