Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye two o one three

Most times, people will say they are happy the year that has passed is now over. Some years, I too, said the same. But I have to admit, this year was wonderful for me/us. It was Lil B's first year of life which proves to me that life is truly beautiful. Lil B makes my dark days brighter. This past summer as my family lost one of our shining lights, he did the same. As we became dim and life looked grim, Lil B helped me see the beauty in life. I know that Kim didn't get to meet Lil B in real life, but I know she has since come to see him. She thought he was beautiful and her comments that live on in our cyber world, will always warm my heart.

2013 had many reasons to be beautiful. I gained a sister in law, a good friend welcomed her first baby girl, my best friend got engaged, we dedicated our son, we celebrated 6 years of marriage, someone I love gave me awesome news about themselves, my mother in law celebrated a monumental birthday, one sister in law received her bachelors and the other her masters, and I got to spend time with family and friends through out the year.

Sure 2013 had some endings and sad news too. I lost some, closed some doors, heard bad news, people I care for became sick and many tears were shed. But this is what makes life exist. 

I look forward to 2014. I hope to see other friends I haven't seen in too long, I hope to feel more relaxed, take some time off, breathe, be happy, help plan my best friends wedding, watch Lil B play and grow in his year two, make others smile and just live.

I wish all the same for you. Enjoy your lives, it's short. We have just a little time here to make it worthwhile.
Here are some recap pictures from my year, including special moments in other people's lives that touched mine too.  Happy New Year everyone.

Friday, December 20, 2013

One beautiful year

Little B turned one on December 6th, this by far, has been the fastest year of my life. And I have to say probably the best year too. Thought it would be fun to share the monthly pictures with whomever reads my blog =). Enjoy ! One to year two ! (or as me and one of my close friends likes to say, "year duece")