Friday, July 12, 2013

Lipstick messages

Yesterday was my birthday. Nothing fabulous. At this point of my age, it's just another year older. Nothing monumental, not a new decade, nothing to go crazy about.... But it got me thinking about when my sisters and I were younger, (and anyone else who may have lived here from time to time) my mom would write lipstick messages on our bathroom mirror. Most of the times it would say "Happy Birthday" to us. And if I was having a terrible week , it would be something encouraging like "I love you, have a great day."

Well, I definitely miss my lipstick messages. I wish when they were written, we had Facebook or Instagram. What a cool thing to have captured.

Here is a picture of what one may have looked like, not ours, but similar.


Kristi Prokopiak said...

did i ever get one of these? i dont remember this tradition. which is so so so scary.

Beth B said...

oh you most certainly did ! Very scary you don't remember lol Old age is upon us !!!!

redellen14 said...

Ok you made me cry! I never knew how much the mirror message meant to you! And yes Kristi you did get one on your birthday. Beth I wish I could have left you one yesterday but always remember if I am not writing it on the mirror I am rewriting it in my heart. I love you