Thursday, September 05, 2013

Way back when

I do not think I ever shared this bit of information on my blog before, but did you know I grew up in the house we own? My mom left behind a book of pictures of how our house used to be way back when and I thought it would fun to show you a very very before and an after. Ready for some retro cool looks?
This picture is of our current guest room, which used to be my oldest sister's room. Where on earth is that crocheted quilt and dresser now, I'd love to have them !!!
Here is what it currently looks like:
This picture is what my room looked like when I was little. I am pretty sure this was my bed, I shared a room with my other sister, Melissa.
And now it's baby B's room. Here is the same side of the room and what it currently looks like :
Here is an older picture of what our home office looked like when I was little
And what it  currently looks like now: Working at home chaos !!
  Here is a picture of what used to be my parents room. It pretty much stayed similar during the years. Maybe some different paint, curtains or comforter sets but pretty much the same
 And here it is now, our room
Pretty neat right? I guess it's pretty cool that my son's first steps will be where I took mine and so on and so forth. Sometimes I wonder what it's like to live somewhere else, but then the thought just scares me !!  

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redellen14 said...

A trip back is right! I don't remember what happened to that blanket but I did make it. There were also two blues ones and later on two pink ones...LOL That furniture was my very first bedroom set, I think it traveled with your sister Dawn and finally was deposed of. Who knew then the things we would love now. But I must say you and Keith have done a wonderful job with the house. You surely have made it YOUR home and love that about the house and you! I am excited that my grandchild will be walking in your steps and who knows, maybe someday so will his child! Just think what those pictures will look like. I did laugh at the office the phone...the typewriter and damn I wish I had that adding machine! The desk as I remember was so heavy. After the office it became Nick's room and then a guest room and they Kristy's room! I am sure if you sit very quietly in each room the walls will have plenty to say.Always remember that I loved that house cause it was were my girls could come to anytime they needed. It had good times and bad times but you have turned it into a house of "love" and that fills my heart with pure joy.....I pray that you have many happy years there unless you want to move to Pa!