Sunday, April 10, 2011


I've always thought a bedroom should be the place where you go to relax and forget about the day that just happened. Regardless of how hard, boring, or stressful it was. So when it comes to your bedding, I feel that it should be as comfortable as it can get because this is where you can forget your troubles.

But when it comes to bedding for me, well, least just say I never can make up my mind. I am always switching things up. Here is the last THREE things that we've made our bed with in the past two years.

Our first attempt, not bad. It's a Laura Ashley comforter that we love. But something was missing.

Second attempt... beautiful comforter set I found at Homegoods. Literally a 9 piece set for abou $90.00. It was beautiful... BUT not as comfortable as we would like...

Which leads us to today. We bought a duvet cover, to cover over the Laura Ashely, a new pillow, new sheets (can't have too many sets lol) and a new blanket... Yes I am aware I posted how much I hate duvet covers, guess I changed my mind =).

Tada !!!

Here's a close up of the pillow pattern.. .LOVE IT !!

I also have been wondering what to do with a wall we have in our room. We purchased a chair from Ikea that I so so like and a canvas from Target that I loved. But it felt stark and boring..

So on our trip to Ikea we bought 6 5x7 frames and filled them with assorted papers from Michaels. Now I feel like it's complete.

Close ups

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