Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hutch /həCH/

The definitions of a hutch are the following :

A pen or coop for small animals, especially rabbits.
A cupboard with drawers for storage and usually open shelves on top, often used for dishes
A chest or bin for storage.
A hut

Well I can tell you I am only speaking of two of those definitions. Certainly not one that contains animals !

Do you have a hutch? Do you decorate it? Do you change it around according to season, holiday, or do you just leave it with whatever is on it?

I am decorator. I literally decorate my hutch with a theme or pattern every few months. My hutch was gift from my mother. It was something that has been in my home for many years. She received it as a gift from her mother in law and now it's mine and my husbands... (really just mine, but hey that's ok lol)

Here are some hutches I found via the internet to show you some other people's ideas on how they decorate their own. *** None of these are my photos and I am not quite sure what sites they have come from either as I've done the search on Google search. ****

And here are some pictures of our hutch. Here is one from when we moved in. The walls are quite bare too ! But it gives you an idea of some of the decorating. This is what I call my "May through July" hutch lol

Here is an Easter Hutch. I use some of the same items that I use in May, but of course add some Easter touches. Hard to see I know, these were my mom's pics.

Here is the hutch at Christmas time. Heck yea, I have a white tree !

And last but not least, the women who inspired it all and gave me our hutch as a gift, my mom's hutch at Christmas time. She got this in Lancaster PA. She lives in PA now, and went to Lancaster and had it made for her. It's adorable. She too changes it up for seasons, maybe not at much as me, but she still does it !

I'll update more tomorrow when I take pictures of my current hutch and what I am changing it into for next month.

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redellen14 said...

I am so touched that you take such good care of the "hutch". BB's hutch was actually a wedding gift from my grandparents-in-law. They took us shopping at Ethan Allen and bought us the hutch, table and chairs. The chairs are long gone but I did give BB the hutch and table (which she uses as a kitchen table). The hutch was always a center of our dining room as BB grew up. It was a stage for many holiday pictures! It was a special item that I always loved to decorate for the holidays. As she grew older she would help me pick out dishes to decorate it with. To me it become a part of her. It makes me very happy to see her take such pride when she changes it with different items. The joy I get from the mere fact that it is a treasure to her warms my heart.