Friday, June 10, 2011

The bathroom spruce up

Our bathroom was just alright, but I wanted it to be awesome. So we spruced it up. Here is what we did. I'll try to include sites on where I bought items too.

At first, I wanted to repaint the entire room, but then I realized the paint color I was picking out was quite close to the one we had... so we just did a fresh coat on the walls instead. We also painted the ceiling a certain shade of green that was lighter, but you can't really notice it in pics (points for who knows where that comes from.)

So here are some visuals :

This is our before.. our waaaaaaay before. It shows you the old hardware, the old curtain, and the very old floor. Notice that little peak of brown tile on the wall, yea that is now "gone."

Here is the old curtain, old hardware but the new floor.

Here is the painted tile, new hardware and before the new faucet. Yep we painted tile. I saw the idea on another blog and was very excited. I hated the brown tile, but didn't want to demo the bathroom all that much. Just wanted a quicker spruce up. Well it worked.
I used an oil base Kilz, and then painted over that the next day. Let me tell you, that stuff stinks. It made me very nauseous and I was only doing it for about an hour. Watch out for that stuff, even with the windows open, attic fan on and the bathroom fan on, it was still stinky.

Ta-da, we have a new faucet. My husband rocks my socks with knowing how to do this stuff. Yea I know it may not be "hard" but I would never know how or even where to even start.

This is the faucet we bought, it came from overstock. That's the new towel we bought too. You can see it in the other pics but here is a close up.

So now let's talk shower curtains. Here is the new one in all it's glory. I love it so much and it was not expensive like the ones at Antro. (this pic is w out the new faucet in)
Here is the link to the shower curtain

See the artwork in the mirror, yea super awesome... I will get to that soon. =)

So let's talk hardware. Originally I bought some cool hardware from Homegoods. They were made in India and were green with a paisley-ish print to them. When I put them on they just didn't feel right. So I switched these from our bathroom downstairs to here because it fit in with the bronze accents. They worked and we re-purposed so why not !

Here is the new flusher we chose along with the toilet paper holder and the extra toilet paper storage.
New flusher, sorry no before pics ....

Here is the old toilet paper holder and some of the artwork we used to have in there. You can kind of see the basket on the floor where we used to keep the extra TP.

And here is the new holder and tp storage holder. I yet again repurposed the TP storage from our other bathroom. It worked very well in here.

Ok now to my favorite find. The artwork. I was searching Etsy for a while looking for something to fit in. Originally I had all different ideas of framing vintage wallpaper in white frames. But that didn't seem to fit in with the wood walls, green paint, bronze fixtures, and ivory toilet, sink or tub.... (and curtain for that matter) so I kept looking. Some how I stumbled upon these amazing photo postcards that blew me away. They are even more amazing in person. We knew we didn't want to do another collage of pics because we have a collage in our stairway and one in our bedroom. So we bought two frames that could hold three 4 x 6 pics. I love the way they look. Here is the pic of them in our house, the seller's pic so you can see them up close and the link to the seller.

The fantastic seller

We only framed 6 so I have 3 more. I plan on getting one more single 4 x 6 frame tonight to hang on the side our sink. I also think I will get a tissue box cover to cover the box on the counter. More pics to follow

Thanks for checking it out !

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