Thursday, February 02, 2012

Ever miss someone so much it hurts?

Well that's how I feel about this lady right here.

Here name is Karen. She is actually my sister's best friend but I consider her one of my dear friends as well. She grew up two houses down from where we grew up (the home I still live in to this day.) She actually used to "babysit" me until I think I was 13 ! Who gets babysat at 13 lol??? Seriously ! We would play Nintendo, eat tater tots and crunch bars and have a grand old time. She was/is like another sister to me. I can remember many great  belly laughs were had. So why do I miss her? We'll she moved years ago, first to California and now to Arizona. She lives with her husband and two adorable sons that I have never met. We keep up with each other via facebook but as you know that's just not the same.
I know one day I will see K again in the flesh and not just on the Internet, but until then I miss her too much.

Love you K. One day I will be in Arizona or you will once again be in New York.


Melissa said...

I miss K too!

redellen14 said...

A tear came to my eyes! I remember all the fun and laughs we had with Karen. She is my "other" child. I am so proud of her...she has grown into a beautiful woman..a wonderful wife and mother. Love you K