Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Our lil red

Now where on earth did Noah's red hair come from? Well, my entire pregnancy it was a running joke that Mr. B and I would have a red head, dare I say, "ginger." I really thought there was just no way seeing that Mr. B and I are dark haired, dark eyes, olive skinned.. Here is the proof :

Us circa 2007

... but well, it happened. And here is our little red !

So where did it come from? Well there are recessive genes on both sides of our families. Here's some proof.
My side is simple, my mother :

And well, Mr. B's side is a little more complex. We have lots of aunts with red and blonde hair colors, my father in law is a blonde and my grand mother in law (miss her so so much) to me, was a red, but the verdict is still out on that ! Mr. B has cousins who have red hair and he also has cousins who have red headed kids ! 
Mr. B with his aunts. See the reds and blondes?

My father in law and grandmother in law

Mr. B with his grandmother ... see reddish no? Maybe it's from a bottle but come on !


Jonsey said...

AND your best friend is a strawberry blonde so the possibilities are endless LOL. love him, hes adorable!

redellen14 said...

I would still like to think it was my Mom, his great-grandma, who heard my prayers to keep him safe and that she touched his head just before the angels carried him to you but I must admit that the recessive genes got him! But no matter why he is so fair and so "red" he is a beautiful gift for everyone.
And Jonsey I don't even want to go there LOL

Brittany said...

Your little guy is SO precious! Love that sweet head of red hair!