Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A room fit for a beatiful baby boy....

I wrote this post about a week before I had our son. I never posted it to my blog but wanted to share. It's almost been a month since baby B's arrival. Things are still a bit upside down over here, but boy are we in love !!!
It took a bit but it has all finally come together, I have some more final touches but not too much to go.  This is the most modern room in our home, even with it's vintage touches.

 It took me a while to figure exactly which direction I wanted to go with in regards to decorating. Bedding was hard because I literally hated everything. I thought I found something on ETSY but once we found out it was a boy, I wanted something a little more boyish. The one thing that I can say always remained constant regardless of the sex of the baby or style of the room,  was the Jenny Lind crib. It's my favorite. Once I figured out what colorings I wanted for the room, I knew the black was the right choice. So here is the breakdown of some things.

As I mentioned the Jenny Lind crib. Here it is in black. The crib was a gift from my in laws.  As well as the dresser that we are using for the changing table. More on that here :
 Here is another view of the crib with some of the bedding. The quilt is from Pottery Barn Kids. (which is now on the glider) I instantly loved it when I saw it and after looking at 500000000000000000000 beddings, I knew this was the right one. We got the matching sheet too. But that's about it. I did a breathable bumper, which I know is a huge conflict for many people. But I felt the slats of the crib where Baby B's arms could end up were too large. I didn't like it. I felt more comfortable with a breathable one.
Here is another room shot. The glider was my sisters. I felt why waste a good thing? (oy ! I can tell you why, cause after nine years, it's no longer comfortable... but more on that later ) I had it in our guest room for a few years and knew I'd like to use it in here. I incorporated many colors as you can see. Crib is black, dresser and bookshelf are blues, room is gray (Martha Stewart Nimbus Cloud to be exact) rug is tanish and the glider is light oak. To tie in the oak glider, I changed the ottoman's covering and I chose to use the same color frames of the gliders body around the room. Close ups below.
Close up of the glider ottoman. Greens, blues and whites. Perfect.
Here's some more of the room. Yes, the stroller is still in the box ! But our bags are packed AND the car seat is in the car. We are ready lol. (clearly the stroller is now in my trunk lol)
I have a hook set to hang under the a/c. It will hold Mr. B's sweater from when he was young and a pair of his old shoes. Too cute.
Cool Pepsi crate right? Another shower gift from a dear friend. She knew I loved it and saw it on my Etsy favorites. I love it.

Here you can see a close up of the Pottery Barn sheets that match the quilt. Also the cool Robot Mobile.
 The mobile came from Rosenbury Rooms. Again, was not sure if I wanted one but once I went through another 50000000000000000000 mobiles, I finally found this one. A gift from my mom.

Remember I said I tied the glider color in by using the same color frames? Well here are three that hang over the babe's crib. One is a printable that I found online that has the alphabet with corresponding animals, the second is an anchor found online and the third is a saying that I found online and recreated. The saying says "First we had each other, then we had you, now we have EVERYTHING." Love it.

 And what would a boys room be with out super hero's? Well not in Mr. B's world that's for sure !  Here is a print that I found months ago of The Avengers in the "Where the Wild Things Are" style. Cute right? My lovely aunt who supplied me with the print out felt it was too scary for a babies room, but we love it !
And yes of course we needed bobble head Avengers and....
Plushies !
Cute Alligator bank right????

Now for more artwork around the room. I couldn't quite get a printable I wanted to work so I told one of my closets friends that I needed an "N" for his room.She delivered in her very cool style. Cool right?
A gift from Aunt Kris
 In the beginning I was originally going to hang embroidered hoops above the crib. I had many picked out on Etsy that I liked and some were super expensive. Mr. B's aunt volunteered to make two for us for nothing. She made the rocket and the whale, cute right? The robot in the middle came from a very nice seller on Etsy, get this, for FREE !!!! I was not expecting it, she made them for me and asked which I liked, I told her I loved the green and she mailed me them both for free ! The other is on the other wall.
 Hmm so, our babe has A LOT of clothes. Word on the street is he is not going to fit into newborn sizing so I am happy that a lot of clothes he has are in the 0-3 months section. Here is half of his closet. (PS he did fit into the newborn sizes lol)

 And the other half !!!
See that bin below his clothes??? See the next pic for a close up
Yep the babe has many shoes ! =) I guess I should organize this a little better lol.

Here's how I am organizing some of his things :
Organized in the closet by size. Closet organizers from Babies R Us
And more organization on the back of the door.From Babies R Us
And there you have it... our babe's room. More to come of my introduction of him... to be continued.


Keri Hespeler said...

Love it!

Jonsey said...

so much stuff to look at!!

Darlene Bullock said...

Just magical Beth--he is a handsome little man and deserves the room mommy and daddy prepared for him.