Monday, October 07, 2013

Things to get to know me

Figured I'd share some randomness about me, not sure who may be interested by why not.
  1. I cry at every wedding, I am just a true romantic
  2. Manners always matter to me. I love when people say "please" "thank you"
  3. I love snail mail cards. I get super excited when I get them in the mail. I love to see what stamp people used, what mailing label and how they addressed it. Let alone what's inside.
  4. I find NYC magical around Christmas time
  5. I love surprises, but it's hard to actually surprise me
  6. I am the youngest of three girls. My older sisters weren't that bad growing up, they were pretty kind
  7. I work at home, 9-5 M-F and raise my son at the same time
  8. I dream of working for a non profit agency one day
  9. I haven't taken a vacation on a plane in 6 years. (overdue much?)
  10. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday

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