Friday, April 11, 2014

The Coram Diner

For as long as I can remember, this particular diner has been the meeting place for my family and friends. When I was about 18, I would meet my mother and grandmother there practically every Saturday for dinner at 6. They attended church and I met up with them after for dinner. My grandmother would be the star of the show and of course, order the same two meals weekly. She would take her salad and if I can remember her dessert to go every single week.

I have seen this diner all times of the day, morning, early morning, night, and late night.  It has been there for stressful talks, cries, happy celebrations and comfort. Weird a place you go to eat, can be all that right? Well it's true. There are a lot of great memories of gathering here with my family.
And it has the best matzo ball soup around that can cure any sickness or heartache out there.

The visits to the diner have gotten smaller in size for my family. It is now it's only Mr. B, Lil B and myself that attend, but each time I go, I swear others are still there with me. Or at least, my memories are.

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