Wednesday, December 07, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

All through our house !! Starting with our year round wreath. I added ornaments. Not sure if you can see.

Here's a little close up maybe you can see them, they are kind of hidden.

This lil fellow greets you as you come to our home. Love him ! He is quite warm with his hat and scarf for the winter.

And here is the beginning of the chaos.

Now a little more organization, our kitchen table with Mr. Snowman on it.

Here is the runner on the dining room table with some candle holders. I couldn't quite capture what the candle holders look like when the candles are lit so this is all you got.

Close up of the runner.

Here is the entire dining room minus the white tree. That will go up tonight. We are pretty laid back this year with decorating.

And of course, the Christmas hutch.

Here is a little Christmas cheer on our cabinet.

Here are some close ups.

And two of three of our undecorated trees

Yes it's Jack Skeleton.. .geesh =)

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