Thursday, December 08, 2011

One tree, two tree, three tree... maybe !!!

Yes we have two trees. One is white and one is green. I'd love a flocked one too but I think I would be pushing it with Mr. B =). A few years ago after Christmas I knew I wanted a white tree and a very awesome sister in law used her discount to get me one. It wasn't until the next year that I put it up and fell in love instantly !!

Here are few close ups from our white tree. This ornament was a vintage one that was my grandparents. So so cool.

This was purchased after season too from Hallmark. Cool right? It was cheap too !

This was given to me by my mom, I think last year. Super cute. Could be "B" for Beth or our last name ! Hahaha !

Bought these beauty after season at Pier One. Isn't she fancy???

And here is lady white pre decorations ...

And it's beautiful after...

Now on to the green tree. We have a single bin of ornaments and there are about five layers each. Here is one layer of our ornaments. Every year since I've been born my mother has purchased a special ornament for me. She still does to this very day. Our ornaments are a mix of the ones that my mom has purchased for me and then us, some that were gifts, some we bought ourselves in the recent years and others that are vintage that were my grandparents.

Here are some close ups. This is my very first ornament : 1979 right here !

I think this was 1982

maybe 1985 ?

Maybe 1983??

Here are some that were my grandparents ! How cool are these ??

These were a gift from an old co-worker of mine. There are three total. I have mine and Mr. B's pictures in them from different times in our lives. This one was a Halloween party that we went had... terrible party !

This is Mr. B's from last year. Cool right? We purchased it where my mom lives in Pennsylvania.

This one was a gift from one of my mom's old co-workers. It was given to us in 2005 when we were engaged. It's hard to see but it is a man and woman snowman. On the woman is a rhinestone that looks like an engagement ring ! So cute ! She hand painted it too. Such talent.

This was given to us by my sister I believe the year we were married. So cute right ?

Here it is before it was decorated ...

And here is it completed sans gifts under the tree .

And my slug of a cat, basically "cat blobbing" as we like to call it.

And what is Christmas without a manger and a nativity scene?? Jesus is the reason for the season for sure and that isn't just some cheesy cliche saying to me. I am proud of my faith and love Christmas time not only for the decorations, gifts, or trees, but more for the feeling I get every year at this time. It's purely magical.
This is our manger. I received this as a gift from my family. It's the Willow Tree set and I love it so much. Just simply beautiful.

So that's a wrap ! Merry Christmas everyone !

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redellen14 said...

Tears come to my eyes when I see how wonderful you make the house look! You have truly made it a home of love. The trees look great but of course I love the green one best. It has all the ornaments for each and every year of your life. It makes me happy to see that you continue the tradition by adding more each year. That is what makes LIFE magical and keeping the love for Jesus completes it all! I love you baby girl...