Monday, December 12, 2011

A NYC Magical weekend

This pass weekend Mr. B and I decided to head into the city to walk around, shop and grab some street eats. It was so fun and there was just something magical about it. I took my camera along to photograph somethings. I am pretty sure we walked 40 blocks that day. Pretty awesome.

This is what greeted us right outside of Penn Station. Lots of people, cabs and billboards.

The next stop H & M, how cool is this light fixture. I really wanted it !

Next up Lush. Have you been? If not find one in your area and get there asap. It's amazing and all the products are great. I ended up getting sugar lips scrub and hand gurugu

Here are the handmade soaps they offer too. Never tried but I hear they are amazing too !

Next up Bryant Park. It was a first for me and Mr. B... weird right? This time of year they have their own beautiful tree and cute holiday shops. It was very fun. Here is a picture of the trees because yes, there are trees in spots of NYC.

I think the tree in Bryant Park is way prettier then the one in Rock Center. This one even has ornaments and is accessible. So very cool.

And a little closer :

There were a lot of cool shops. I didn't take pictures of most of them but this was super cool outside the Coat of Arms shop

Here is the Empire State building peaking through the trees from Bryant Park.

And one from the street

So next up the famous 53rd & 6th food card. Amazing Gyros. On our way up St. Patricks Cathedral

And along the way the amazing windows at Macy's. They were beyond cool

As we headed back down to Midtown we stopped at the Rock Center tree. Let me tell you chaos ! It felt as if I was marching in place at points because no one was moving.

Here is some more holiday decor through out the city

On our way back up Mr. B met a tin man =) I did have a video of this but it's very weird and sideways lol

Here is Christie's auction house. Mr. B had no clue why I was even taking this picture. I guess I watch too much of The Today Show.

Liz's stuff was in there on auction and all her pictures were outside, here is one.

Here is us =)

And it was Santacon. For those who don't know what that is, well it's a bar crawl where people dress up as Santas or holiday themed things. We saw many Santa's and most were drunk as skunks lol ! Here is a line of them outside a bar. Looks like I caught someone mid kiss too.

And I don't know if this will work, but it was a cool guy playing Christmas music on a sax. I have a soft spot for a sax...


Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Wow sounds like an amazing trip. I think it would be so great to visit New York City!

Beth said...

Alicia, it was awesome ! You need to get to NYC asap and have fun !

redellen14 said...

Looks like you had fun! Remember that the road to old age should be filled with piles and piles of fun memories. Build it have a long road.