Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How your plans change

Before I became pregnant I had many visions for our baby's future room. I made this posting quite some time ago with inspiration pictures. Fast forward until now and there is not one thing in this posting that we are going with anymore. But it's fun to see and share !

This link shows you one of my inspirations from another person's blog. Very beautiful but not quite us anymore. 

I was so sure this would have been our mobile. Yea, not so much anymore. Even though I will be going with a very non traditional one, this is definitely not it.


At the time I didn't know what sex our child would be, but if it was a boy I loved the look of plaids and huntsman. Yep, again, now not so much ! 

 Then it came down to the changing table. I knew all along I did not want a traditional one at all (same as now) but these styles are not where we are heading anymore either !

More old inspiration below. Still not even close. Funny how your tastes can change with in a year right? Wild ! 


Brittany said...

I totally hear you...our nursery-taste has evolved too. I do quite like the yellow and gray in the last few pictures though!!

Beth said...

Me too ! It's just funny how things evovle. Hope you're feeling great! I follow your blog too and love your updates