Monday, July 30, 2012

Our babe's first round of gifting

I've been quite nervous through out this entire journey and at first, I asked my family not to buy anything. But after many months, I became a lot better with it.  Here are some of the awesome things we have gotten from our families.
Booties made from a friend of my father in law. We've never met this person but so so nice of her to do.

Books from my sister. Super funny too.

Our first official gift from my sister in law. She bought this on her cruise that she was on when she heard the news.

From my sister in law and brother in law. That's our babe right there =)

These are from my in laws. So cute.They are bath mittens and towels

The first set of onesies from my mom. So cute.

We are so happy that our families are so loving and generous to us. My oldest sister sent me a beautiful arrangement of flowers too.  I was pretty sick when she sent them and sadly I never photographed them. They were a beautiful surprise to come home to one day on my door step with an adorable card attached telling me that she was sorry I was so sick and this will all be worth it in the end ! Adorable =).

This is one exciting journey for sure. I am 21 weeks now and I have started to feel our little babe kick away in there. What an amazing thing.

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