Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jingle bell jingle bell rock...

Oh yes it's that time of the year again. One we were celebrate by eating, drinking and being merry. Oh and we give presents and decorate and drink hot cocoa !!! Sense how much I love Christmas time? Normally Mr. B and I put up two and half tree. Yes a half, because we have a small Nightmare before Christmas Tree we put up too. But this year this is the  only tree that will be up because of the anticipation of our babe's arrival. (Babies have a lot of items and we need room). We picked the white tree only to be set up this year because of it's location, next year it's back to business as usual.
And well, with Christmas time comes Christmas cards. I wasn't even going to do this at all this year but I figured it was my last time to make a card. Next year I think we will put the babe's gorgeous face on it, like most proud parents do !
As always a select few gets them. I don't think these 18 people realize just how darn lucky they are !!!!
Not my best work but hey, I had to work with what I had, including a large 38 week month belly !
And a little personalization =) Always BB made


So do you make cards? Do you send cards? Do you send picture cards? Do you love this year or what? I'd love to hear what others do too, so please feel free to leave me a little comment love !  

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