Sunday, November 11, 2012

Our babes $40.00 dresser & a very old bookshelf

I knew that I didn't want the traditional changing table nor did I want things to really match perfectly together in his room. At first, I had a french provincial style in my head, but once we found out it was a boy, I felt it was just way too girly. We have a great thrift store by our home, with amazing furniture. Earlier on in my pregnancy my mom and I stopped there while Mr. B went to the gym. Luckily, Mr. B and his truck were down the road from the thrift store when we found this gem. There was even a sale going on and the final price was $40.00 ! Can you believe it? This thing is solid.
Now of course I wanted to take on the task of refinishing it but we do not have a basement or garage and I knew that it may not be the best idea seeing I was pregnant and all. Ya know, fumes etc. So my father in law happily took on the task. I have to say I kid with him that he's a perfectionist, but wow, this was totally impressive. Here is the "new"dresser in all it's glory. Funny story on the color selection. I knew I wanted blue and one day we were at a BBQ at one of our family member's home. This color was inspired by the vinyl siding of their very cool neighbor's home !  So awesome right? Very random I know lol !
Then we have the babe's bookshelf. This bookshelf has been in my family for as long as I can remember and has been many, many different colors. When it was left to us after we bought our home, I painted it what you see here from all yellow. Not bad, but not going to match for our babe's room.
With a little paint (low VOC of course) we have this ! Now I was not as much as a perfectionist with this as my father in law was with the dresser, but I am okay with that, I truly do love it.
 And now with the entire shelf filled to the brim ! This babe is one lucky little boy. See all those books? Yea they came from my shower ! So very cool.
More to share soon of the entire room. Just some more finishing touches (i.e curtains and curtain rods) and then we are done. We just need him ! =)

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redellen14 said...

I must admit as a the "Grandma" I was a little concerned that my new grandson's room would not conform to what I had in mind as a baby's room! all I can say. I just love every inch of his room. He is one lucky child. He has very unique parents and they have done a wonderful job. As the big event gets closer, chills run up and down my spine. My baby, my little girl is having a baby! Life is amazing..