Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shower + two

We are so truly blessed. Our shower was in October. My family arranged and coordinated it all for us. When Mr. B and I were married I was very hands on with my bridal shower, this time I glady took a back seat. I am so glad I did so, the shower was perfect. Here are some pictures from our awesome day.
Here are our invites and thank you cards. Are they cute or what?  My camera doesn't capture the true gray they are but you get the idea.
How cute is the back of the thank yous?
Some of the gifts !

And more !

Yes you guessed it more !
I generally don't like pictures of myself but this one was the only safe one to post ! I am so happy here ! And I have tons and tons of clothes on my lap for our little babe. Can you imagine? His closet it full !!!
Ah the infamous shower hat made by one of my besties. She's a good sport. Came all the way from Brooklyn too ! Love her !

Crazy face right ! LOL
                                                                    Cute cake right???!!!!
Of course there were games to keep our guests from being way too bored during the day. One of them was to make a baby out of Playdoh. The results were my favoritre. And yes you do see a bowling pin, my oldest sister has a great sense of humor lol.
Ah the Playdoh baby game. My guests were such great artists !

This beautiful blanket was handmade from a friend of my moms. She also made us an awesome sock monkey ! (I will show you that once I show you the nursery)
another crazy face but how gorgeous is this blanket??? !!!

My shower was planned and booked, but the timing didn't quite work for one special lady in my life. My best friend had a three week trip back to her "mother land," the UK. So this is how we celebrated the day of, thanks to my sister in laws IPhone (yes, peeps, sadly I am still a non smart phone carrier) Crazy faces right !!! LOL

But then she came back and planned a little shower of our own. This is the sign that was hanging and to explain a bit more of "this is where it all began," was because the place she took me, was the place I had my bridal shower. So technically it all did begin there =).

The adorable set up she had for us

our gift basket. See that front right package, it's an Underground onesie straight from the UK

She planned it all, here's our dessert !!! YUM

US !!! 18 years of friendship right here.... wish I put on some blush...eeeeeeeekkkkkkkk

Told ya we are pretty blessed right? Our babe's due date will be two weeks from this upcoming Friday. I can not believe how fast this went. I am so ready for him to be here. He is going to be such a beautiful blessing from God. We made him and God will deliver him. Sigh... life really is about to change =). 


Christine said...

what a fantastic baby shower, lucky lady!! So sweet of your friends and fam to plan all of that for you and your little boy :).

Jonsey said...

So sad i couldnt make the real one but so happy my mini shower worked out! that lil fella is very luck =) love you both xx