Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mama B and Lil B's favorites things

The past few months I have come to realize some of our favorite things around here and figured I'd share. Just in case any of you were wondering. =)  

First up Lil B's favorites. The B Ball from Rhino Toys. It bends and is flexible, he gnaws at it all day. It was the first thing he could actually hold in his grasp and he seems to favor it over all of his toys.

You can buy one here
Next up Aquaphor
This stuff is amazing. Lil B used to get very dry cheeks because he is so fair and it's a dry winter. I put this on it one day and poof they were healed almost immediately. It's great for when he some how scratches his face. Which, I have no idea how, since his nails are constantly cut and filed? So weird ! But this clears up and scratch with in an hour.

Then we have our Motorola 3.5 video monitor with two cameras. We haven't used the second camera yet, but I think it will come in handy when he gets older and starts to play in his room. So many great features, like zoom, pan around to different spots of crib and music ! Lil B love to fall asleep to music. It's awesome !

Now for Mama B's favorites. Since Lil B is still, well little, there are some nights we get 8-9 hours straight aof him sleeping and then sometimes we get some breaks in between for feedings. So coffee is one of my best friends. My favorites are Folgers Vanilla Biscotti and Eight O Clock Original. Love them and my Kuerig !
Folgers Vanilla Biscotti K-Cups

And since a girl needs to look pretty, best place to start is her hands. I love Sally Hansen Hard as Nails nail hardener. Not only does it make them grow, but they are strong and my tips are super white.

And of course being a mama, my hands are always doing something. Be it washing, laundry, changing, bathing or working, it's hard to have an actual nail color on. But my go to polish is Allure by Essie. It's a nude color that works with everything and makes my nails look amazing ! And you can hardly tell when it chips !

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