Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter mini's

Ah it's Easter time. I took Noah for a mini photo session last week. For those, like myself, who do not know what a "mini session" is, let me explain. It's a very fast photo session of about a 1/2 hour and when it's done you get about 5-7 pictures. The girl we use is amazing. She took his newborn pictures and was just so patient and kind. When she posted on FB she was doing Easter minis, I knew I wanted in. I plan on having Noah's pictures taken professionally every three months until a year. It makes sense because  he is three months in these pictures and at his dedication, he will be 6 months. I figure we'll stick a 9 month in too since, well, that is my favorite season !!
OK so here are the pictures from the shoot. Noah did awesome. And well so did the photographer !!!
looks a lil shocked here lol...

love this one !!

so cute, we lost his bow tie at this point !

Hands down my fave. lost his shoes here lol

seems to be a crowd pleaser

Have a wonderful Easter everyone. Remember why we celebrate. I know I do, every single time I look into my son's eyes. God is good  !!!

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