Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back to that walnut tree

Having a walnut tree in our yard came as a surprise to us. After Hurricane Irene, we noticed large acorn like balls all around the yard. They were way too big to be normal acorns so it peaked our curiosity. After some poking, prodding, and research on the Internet, we realized we have a walnut tree. So now what? Well what we have found out is this, it's a black walnut tree, we learned how to "harvest" the nuts and well, the juglone that it releases into the soil around the tree is not good for the other plants or grass around it. So much for all our hard work this summer. Bummer.
Now some pictures. Here is one to show you just how tall this tree is, no wonder I had a mini heart attack when the hurricane was coming. These trees are huge ! You can see how large it is compared to our home.

Here is the base of the tree with three hostas surrounding it. Not sure why these lasted but the grass that was planted all around it and two other hostas did not. Odd. See all that dirt, believe it or not that was grass earlier in the season.

Another view.

Behind that bird bath, if you look close you will see a dead hosta. Guess the toxins from the walnut tree got to it. So strange.

And well, what we all want from the tree.

I should have taken the pictures of what it looks like before you hull it but I never did. It starts off with a green covering that turns black. Here are some pics I found on the Internet.

Hopefully next year we get a lot more. I've heard different things on how long to let them dry out. We've eaten a bunch so far, but I think the last ones we will let dry out for a while to see. Can't wait to see if they are any different from the ones we've eaten already. I'll keep ya posted !

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redellen14 said...

The love you have put into the house has given this tree a reason to bear fruit! Isn't love amazing? Now keep that love going strong, the two of you will be strong...God thanks you for giving life back to one of his creations!