Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Art is life, life is art...

I decided to share some of the artwork we have around our home. Some will be used for years and some will I am sure, be replaced.

This in our guest room. My husband bought me the Jack Vettriano years back that hung in our old bedroom for a while. The other stone artworks were gathered over the years. I recently sold these three at a Flea Market this past weekend.

These are pictures my friend has taken and I have framed. Lots of her photos are through out our home. Nice eclectic mix.

These four are in our main guest room, all purchased from HomeGoods.

This is in my husband's den, bought from, you guessed it, HomeGoods ! We got it for a steal considering we had looked on Art.com and it was way more expensive there.

These are in my living room, bought from a lovely seller on Etsy.

These came with our home lol. I believe my mother bought these years ago. They are hanging in our living room too.

This one is from a seller on Etsy, hanging in my living room.

These are in our hallway downstairs, from Etsy.

This is now in our living room too, purchased from Michael's.

This is a collage that I made for my husband's den from a football picture book.

This when you walk into our home from Homegoods

This collage is in our stairwell and the pictures and mirrors were acquired from all over. Etsy, Homegoods, gifts, my mom's basement, etc.

These are hanging in our bedroom, painting from Target, frames from Ikea and the postcards inside frames, Michael's.

This one is in my office, from Homegoods, so not my favorite and will be replaced one day.

And this gem right here is now in our dining room, from a thrift store in Port Jefferson. Love it.

So that wraps some of the artwork treasures we have collected over the years.

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