Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Picture overload

This past weekend Mr. B and I headed to Pennsylvania to visit my mom and popparoni. It was a much needed visit filled with comfort, food and lots of laughs. Sometimes, well most times, when we go there, we antique. There is a great Antique Barn there called Peddlers Village. It's filled with amazing things. Here are some shots that I took inside. Apparently some vendors are a little touchy when it comes to photos. One person running a booth questioned why I was taking pictures and advised me "in his opinion I should not..." HA ! What a grumpy old man !

There are some great treasures to be found inside the barn. Some I did actually get, but more on that tomorrow. First two pictures of non vintage items. There is a little nook in the front of the barn with items made from the Amish. This is one of them. I loved it.

I want my father in law to make me this. It's a bench made out of a raised panel door ! So cool

Another shot 

These are just cool. Copper wire in glass bowls. I'd never pay what they were asking, but a great idea !

Ball jars.

Love these glass door knobs ! So awesome.

Gorgeous tea set. Very expensive too !

 Here are a few items in the grumpy old man's booth. No one else mentioned to me to not take photos and there were no signs. Maybe I should have just known? I don't know. Any one else experience this?
Cute little lighted Christmas tree.

Awesome old seltzer bottle, and do you see that stained glass back there to the right? So so beautiful.
I think I have a crush on hunting pictures.

 Here are some more treasures found a long the way.

Cool playing card banners.

Just love the old ladder they used as a prop.

Christmas galore !
So cool but no room for this puppy at my house.

I always see this there, I love this silhouette pattern. But very expensive !

I tried so hard to think of a place for this shutter. Could not come up with one, so it stayed in PA. Sad.
 Then we moved to another antique store down the road. This one is nice, but overpriced ! My mom did get my the old window here though, so I guess she is good for some things.
What greets you on the outside
An awesome stained glass Fleur De Lis. If I knew my sister in law would like this, it so would have been her b'day gift !

Oh how this picture is crappy, but Mr. B really wanted this lol. It's still in PA. too =).

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redellen14 said...

The pictures came out great. Next time we need to go to "your favorite" and maybe the Chic Lamp store!