Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The $50.00 challenge

It's no secret that this economy is a woozy. Years ago we all made much more money, including myself. This past weekend we headed to Pennsylvania to my moms house. I had budgeted $130.00 to go shopping and then on Thursday that amount quickly lessened to $50.00. Of course at first I was upset because I was working with a small enough amount already, but then I got over it. I decided to challenge myself to see what I could get. Here are some of the items. I think I did quite well.

Here is what I came up with :

An old sugar bowl, two ball jars and a cast iron coat hook. Although it won't be used for coats.

close up of the bird coat hook

Close up of the covered sugar bowl

here is where the Ball jars landed, in our laundry room

See them on the right?

Those four items came to $26.00, so there are still some left to go... But this next piece really can not count in the $50.00 since my mom technically bought it for me. But it was with in the price range to equal up to the $50.00 if I would have paid for it myself.
A vintage washboard

Because we have a half bath that is mixed with our washer and dryer, a few months ago I decided to embrace it as a laundry room. I redecorated a bit to make it feel more like a laundry room. I had an old wash board in my shed that we hung and the new addition matched well with it. I couldn't believe my eyes when we hung the second one on just how well it went !  Here is a million views of it in our laundry room/bathroom.


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redellen14 said...

The washboard looks great! You forgot to mention that it is a glass board. Very different and very interesting. It does amaze me that you can see an item and find a perfect place for it! So I need to know what you are doing with the cast iron bird coat hanger!