Friday, January 06, 2012

So what did I do with that window frame...

Remember when my mom got me this for Christmas?

Well we have hung it up in our living room and added a wreath ! It's not the wreath that will stay but for now it will work.
Another view

And a close up of the wreath. It's a book wreath made out of an entire book. It's funny how many people asked me what book it was, and when I answered, I felt pretty silly. It's a trashy novel from the dollar store. Guess I should have used something more intelligent but who wants to rip apart a good book?

The other wreath i want to do will not be so washed out against the wall and frame, hopefully I can get to it this weekend. We shall see.

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redellen14 said...

How about a wreath made from a color full magazine?