Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The January Hutch

January's hutch is all blues. It's a mix of plates, glasses and pottery. Some plates are from my mother and the others from a friend that were left over in a home she recently purchased. The glasses are mostly from my mom and two new ones from my mother in law that she recently gave me for Christmas. The pottery was a wedding gift from an aunt. It's so cool and fits well with the hutch this time of year. I am not sure if it's all blue because the winter generally brings on the "winter blues' or if it just worked out that way. You be the one who makes the decision. 


Here is a close up of a plate, cup and crystal glasses. Not sure if you can see, but the glasses have etchings on them. They are very delicate and I just love them. I have not been able to find them online anywhere to add to them and honestly, they are way to fragile to handle on a regular basis anyway.

Another type of plate and sugar holder. The plates are made by Johnson Brothers and are transfer ware. I convinced my mom to leave me them when she moved because I loved them for years. I guess I always loved the look of transfer ware when I was younger because I am very drawn this type of plates now. The story behind plates was that my grandfather purchased all the sets from the bank. As he would put money into the bank to save, there must have been an incentive program and he would then in return, receive a place setting. My mom said he received enough settings for her and my two aunts. Cool right? The banks should do this now !  It would be so cool ! 

A close up of the pottery we received for our wedding. It's a water pitcher and two glasses. Originally I wanted to place them in our room on my nightstand. But this seems to just look much better.
And this is really just because the roses that Mr. B bought for me last week are still alive and so so beautiful. Don't ya think? 

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redellen14 said...

I really love the way you love the things that you had grown up with! And now you have added some new things to the wonderful items. As for the crystal glasses..they where your great-grandmothers on your fathers side! I wish you could find more but I am sure they are very old. But maybe when we are on our adventures antiquing we just might find some! And that water pitcher that you got looks wonderful. Maybe there might be a day when we can travel to Aunt Jane's and you can explore the Pottery's down south!