Monday, November 14, 2011


Today is my husband's 30th birthday. Since he's younger then me, I can call him a baby =). Over the weekend I threw a family get together for him. It's hard to get everyone together but over the weekend, most of our family was there to celebrate. Here is a little run down of the festivities. Once again, I see I seriously need a new camera.

I made a play list of all songs made in the year he was born, 1981. The song "Waiting for a girl like you" by Foreigner was actually released on his birthday. Cool right.

Here's the play list :

The decorations :

I didn't go nuts because clearly, guys are usually not into it that much. I made these banners out of comic books for him. The original plan was to put the words "Happy Bday Keith" on them, but that didn't work out the way I wanted. So I just hung them on the hutch.

Here is a close up.

The cake:

I am not a baker so I was nervous to make the cake for him. I saw an idea on Martha Stewart's website that had a numbered cake covered with M & M's. I thought that would be a little crazy to do it so I used the Pirouette cookies instead.
Ya know these ones

And here is the cake, not as impressive as the MS one, but it was pretty awesome.

The Food :

There was an abundance of food, which now I realize I never took any pictures of, oh well. I made sweet and sour meatballs, pigs in a sesame seed blanket, popcorn chicken, chips, dip, cheese and crackers, chili dip (made by my mother in law) and home made heroes. I didn't want to order a hero so I chose to create my own. There were three to choose from turkey, roasted pepper, provolone and garlic cream cheese, roast beef, american and sauteed onions and ham, apple, swiss and mustard. Yum !!
There was a lot to drink too. I made a holiday citrus rum punch I found on Martha Stewart's webpage too and my mother in law brought the Sangria. My husband is a huge beer drinker, so I bought him tons of beer and my brother in law bought even more ! So awesome.

The gifts:

In honor of my husband's love of beer I chose to make his birthday gifts all around beer. I had planned for a few months on what to get him. I bought him these towels from Etsy

This wall beer opener from Etsy too

The entire beer kit, not this one here but these are some of the parts to it.

And I put my Uncle on a mission and asked him to help me create a beer label. In passing my husband mentioned what he would name his beer "Fat Bottom Brew." And from there the rest is history. These labels blew my mind. I love them ! And PS we do have a fat white cat named zero so the label makes total sense.

And our family :

Don't mind the hubz face in this one, lots of beer = hot face, literally lol.

So happy that everyone came to celebrate with us. And for those who couldn't be there because they were far or had a prior arrangement, you were missed and we will see you soon !

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