Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas wrapping and wishing...

I gave you Mr. B's Christmas wish list and now I am going to give you mine. I am not as good as him for wanting gifts that give back, but at least what I purchase for him will do so.

Every year I get a new planner that I live by, I have had one since I think 2000 or 2001 and have saved every single one. I wrote a little about how my planner is a place I save and note all important things here http://kokopelia.blogspot.com/2011/11/four.html
This is the one I want this year. Love it !

When I saw this on Etsy (where else) I was in love with it. I will have to get the hubby to buy this with me right there because he never set up a paypal. It's all good though. I love it.

These boots from Overstock. Love them !! They would look killer with the above jacket over a black dress. Awesome !

An old 6 window pane to hang above my couch in our living room. Yep this will replace our wedding picture. It's all good though we have others. I want this in it's exact old condition that I will add some extra touches to it. It's a secret till it's done =).

There is perfume I want from my favorite store and I'd love a new wallet. I am pretty particular with the kind so it's very hard for me to find one.
And, of course I want clothing, but I am VERY cheap now a days when it comes to them and most of what I like is vintage and from Etsy. So there is no surprise there if it's purchased for me. I think it's okay though, I am no longer little and do not need Christmas surprises anymore. However, my husband is good each year with some little surprise, even when I know all my gifts. So I am sure he will not disappoint this year.

So what's on your wish list?

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JuliaColeman said...

Can't wait to see what you do with that window frame! What a great, creative idea!

Here's hoping all your holiday wishes come true.