Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Four !!!!

No we are not playing golf but it is our fourth wedding anniversary. And in honor of it I decided to rewind a bit because I didn't blog through the first three. I also keep a yearly planner and when something fun goes on in my life, I make a keepsake in it. Through this post you will see the last four years in planner notes too.

Year one, was a big one for us. We hadn't bought our home yet, so we still had money to spend/spoil ourselves with and we went back to where we were married. (this was our ballroom, sigh... ) We had dinner at The Carriage House in Babylon first :
and then off to the hotel for a romantic night. We bought each other great gifts. First year traditional gift is paper and modern is clocks. I gave Keith the Gift of the Magi book and money for a tattoo. He gave me the modern version of the first year anniversary gifts, a cuckoo clock. We had a blast.

Year two was cotton. No exchange this year because we had just purhcased our home 6 months before and we decided to stay low key. This was the year that Michael Jackson passed and his new movie was just released. Being fans of MJ from when we were little, it made sense to see the movie and it happened to come out the week of our anniversary, so why not? We went to Chili's and took advantage of the two for $20.00 and then to the movies.

Year three was crystal. We stayed in, I made Keith dinner and exchanged gifts. I once again gave Keith money for a tattoo. Yes he has many ! He bought me this beautiful necklace from Swarovski.

I wore cameos the day of our wedding. This beautiful necklace was reminiscent of that day.

Here is Keith's, at the time, very unfinished tattoo.

And our dinner. Here is a close up of the toasting flutes that we used at our wedding. Also Swarovski, which didn't dawn on me to now, they were very fitting for year three as well.

And yes year four. The fourth year is flowers.

We are staying low key again. Keith is making me dinner and I have a little surprise for him.

Flowers right?

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Jen said...

Happy Anniversary Beth!!! We just celebrated our 5th on Oct. 22nd. :)

Jen @ The Decor Scene