Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Take two

I think I finally figured out the curtains in our room. Who knew that getting curtains for a room could be so hard. Not only did they need to be room darkening/light filtering, but our bed is positioned in such a way that it needed to be just right.

Here is the before with our old verticals:

Here are the first set of curtains...

Just didn't feel right and were too short.
And then the last set:

I "hemmed" them a bit because they were very long. When they are in the tie backs they appear a bit shorter then when they are all down.

Here they are closed ( I swear I ironed them ! )

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JuliaColeman said...

Love the new look! I recently hung darkening, insulating curtains in my livingroom and put them over the top of the vert blinds. Trying to cut my power bill and guess what? I think it worked. My last 2 power bills were a little lower!