Wednesday, November 16, 2011

" Re-arranged"

Yesterday I shared my new pillows and their first arrangement on my couch, something just didn't feel right. I went home and rearranged some stuff and came up with a better solution.

This seems to flow a little better. I removed the New York pillow from the middle and replaced it with two pillows I had on a different chair.

I still think I may get two burnt orange pillows... debating still.

The New York pillow found a new home on a chair we have in the one corner of the room. See it peaking at you from the right of the photo?

Here is a close up because I am not exactly sold on it, but we shall see. Maybe if I arrange the blanket different it will feel a little more symmetrical. And yes I know, we need curtains in here ! If my husband would only go to Ikea with me, this could be done lol.

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redellen14 said...

You crack me up!