Monday, October 03, 2011

The book wreath

So many websites are showing these now a days. I am a sucker for a good wreath so I decided to make one myself. After googling some pictures of different styles and reading some tutorials, I was ready to make my own. Here is how it came out =).

I love it.

I never take pictures of how I do things and maybe I should start but since so many other bloggers have before me, I figure it's pretty easy to find a tutorial online. I can tell you that this wreath took one entire paperback, a foam wreath and a bunch of hot glue.
Be careful with the glue ! It can burn ya bad.


redellen14 said...

Very should make them and sell them,,

Crystelle said...

LOVE it!
Does the book have special meaning to you?

Beth said...

No special meaning, just love the way it looks =)