Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The first time I saw a silhouette was in my grandparents home when I was younger. They had three that were of my two cousins and my oldest sister. If I remember correctly, they hung in their stairway. I loved them. This should have been the first inclination that I would always love all things artsy. However, I didn't tune into this until much later in life.

The first set of silhouettes that I made were of my husband and I. We do not have children yet so I chose to do to them of ourselves using pictures from our wedding.

The next set I made was of my niece and nephew for my sister birthday.

And lastly, my best friend and I like to make things for each of our birthdays. This year she sent me an adorable canvas she made me and I sent her a silhouette of her pup.

I love the look of them so much I even set up shop today on Etsy. So if any of you like them out there you can now order a custom made one from yours truly ! Thanks for looking !

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