Monday, October 24, 2011


It does not matter if they are heirloom or regular old pumpkins, I love them. There is not much about the Fall that I do not like, well maybe I don't like raking. So back to pumpkins, over the weekend I decided to paint two of mine white and put a bit of brown on them to make them sorta shabby chic. Here's some pics tell me what you think?
I also took two of my faux pumpkins from inside and glittered them.
Oh yea that little pumpkin scarecrow on the left of my door, he's been around for ages. Ain't he cute?

This shows you the glittered pumpkins up close. Pardon the wax paper they were on there to dry.

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redellen14 said...

I must admit I just love what you do to things!