Saturday, October 01, 2011


Que Monster Mash please....

The weather today is not quite as brisk as I would have wanted it to be to decorate for Halloween but it will do. When we were married my mother put together a gigantic bin of holiday decorations to give me at our shower. Most of what you see here has come from that bin. What an awesome shower gift it was !

Here is a big shot of everything.

A close up of our runner.

Close up of the place mat.

These two were my moms pumpkins. She "left" them to me when she moved, or maybe I took them lol.

This last close up is of a coffee/tea set my cousin made for us as our wedding gift from him and his wife. It means so much to us. I love it and every year it comes out for Halloween. He is truly talented and I love him so !

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