Thursday, October 27, 2011


How did you sleep last night? Was the temperature just right? Not too hot? Not too cold? Did you have enough to drink? What about eat? Did you have to walk miles to be safe in your bed? Did you have to sweep water away from where you could rest your mat to lay for the night?
I am sure none of us had any issue sleeping last night, but across the waters there are many that have these frightening conditions nightly. Right now the LRA is invading someones "safe" home and terrorizing many people in Africa. Did you even know that this was happening? Have you ever even heard of the LRA?
I will admit I certainly didn't and I'd like to think I do not live under a rock, but I honestly had no idea that this was going on.
Last night my church hosted an organization called "Invisible Children."
This organization is trying to help end the abduction of children for the use of soldiers and stop the terror for many that is going on in Africa right now. They have already helped so many people there. The documentary that was shown blew my mind. They have even raised enough money to set up an early warning system, similar to our 911 system we have here in the states. Can you believe that there was nothing like this before this organization got involved? What would you do if you were being hurt and there was no one to call. Scary thought right?

You can help too. 100% of the purchase of anything from their shop goes to the cause. Pretty amazing right? Head to their page, buy something, feel good about making a small effort to make a big change.
There are many ways to get involved too, so please check out this link.

Sadly, we personally could not to commit to join the Protection Plan but we ended up buying some things from the store that was set up. One of the purchases was a hand made bracelet that came with a video about a boy named Emmy. Here is the trailer of Emmy. So terribly sad.

Get involved with something. Make a difference.

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