Thursday, July 21, 2011

Christmas in July

Yep, well the talk of Christmas cards only. For the last four years I've been making Christmas cards to send to a special list of people. I think I make about 20-30 a year. Here are some of the last four years of what I've made. They really looked so much better when I was making them... oh well there is always next year.

2007, yes that is our cat Zero, he was less than thrilled about this lol.

Here is 2008. I went old school and cut out two trees out of wrapping paper. Remember when you were little and you would fold the paper in half and cut out a shape? Yep, that's this right here.

In 2009, I tried to make something look like a snow globe. My bff Kristi, thought it looked like a moon over the house... could be right. I used tin foil as the globe/moon, put glitter on it to make it appear like it was the inside glitter in the snow globe. Then I made the house out of fabric and paper. I used cotton for the chimney smoke. And I am not quite sure why the tree near the house is brown lol. I think it died from all the Christmas excitement !

And my favorite one. 2010, this is straight up Martha Stewart inspired. Three white buttons with a paper top hat. I also used black paint for the eyes and orange for his nose. Love it.

So as for 2011 who knows what it will bring. I have some ideas up my sleeve. I start making them in November since they do take some time and I like to get them to people the beginning of December to start off their season !

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