Wednesday, July 06, 2011

oooo oooo oooo... what a little grass seed can do.....

If you sing my title post to the lyrics of "What a little moonlight can do" by Billy Holiday, it will make a bit more sense to you =).

We've done a lot of work on the outside of our home in the short two years we've owned it. I never liked to do anything that involved yard work, until now. I'd be lying if I said I didn't sorta love it. It is a lot of hard work but I think it's worth it in the end. We still have some more to go but for now, it will do. Here is some pictures to show what exactly we have done. Enjoy !

Two years ago our deck looked like this, notice the nicely overgrown rhododendrons to the right of the picture? They will soon disappear....

Today it looks like this... ( don't mind the bins on the deck, we just had a BBQ for the 4th ! )

Here's another shot of those overgrown lovelys.

And what we have going on there now... not quite sure what's going on with my ornamental grass there, but it's all good.

This was the right side of our house about two years ago. Yes that is our property and not some random woods some where...

We hired a crew to clear it out and it then looked like this... stayed this way all summer of 2010

The weeds eventually grew back and it looked like this... ( see that little bird bath just sitting by itself ? good things are coming ...

So we cleared, planted and seeded... ***Note we did not put down topsoil, just saying for all you avid believers you must put down top soil ****

And then the grass began ...

And kept on going...

And going ....

We also had this beauty on the property when we bought the house. A very old, scary shed... here is stood... creepy !!!

And there it went !!!

We then built an arbor? Or is it a trellis? Who knows, but it's pretty ! Painted the remaining cement flooring and cinder block wall that was near the shed.

And then this year we stained it darker... love it !

A lil side view for ya !

Ah the left side of the property... here it was 2010, not bad but not good. Oh yea see that hill up there, yea that's our property too !!

Here it is 2011, yes you can absolutely tell where we stopped seeding... that's a project for the fall.

Thanks for looking. Let me know if you have any questions !

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