Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"they say it's your birthday..."

Well it was my birthday too ! I've been away from the web since about Friday afternoon because I needed to de-stress and relax. My b'day weekend was awesome and boring all in one. How that is possible, I'll never know. I felt like I had lots to do all weekend but on my actual b'day, it slowed down a bit. All in all it was awesome. Got to spend lots of time with people who I love. Can not complain. So wanna see what I got ???? Here goes !

Here is one gift from my love ;) Super fun house plant. He also made me a fancy dinner, bought me some magazines (which is rare for me since everything is digital these days), some lotions and some other treasures that are not for the internet eyes ;)

This one was a gift to myself... $4.00 dress from my fave thrift store = score !

Love these, from my sister and her fam...

These lil guys came from her too. They are wine glass markers ! So cute

These next gifts were from my mom and pop. Love them !

Awesome new tea cup to start my collection

A sugar and creamer

A covered sugar bowl

A cheese server...

Awesome cheese markers made from old forks !

My oldest sister made me a cake. Notice there are no pics of it ??? Yea it's gone =). Red Velvet, so good ! And my friend got me a beautiful necklace.

Oh yes and this fabulous apron and oven mitt, from my sis in law and bro in law. She knows me well, Anthro all the way ! LOVE IT. Her card was one of my favorites too.

And today I went back to work to find a card on my desk and Hershey bar from another friend who knows my sweet tooth well. Really sweet.

Thanks for looking, I am truly blessed. You know what they say, another year older and wiser...


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