Thursday, July 21, 2011

Snail mail

With all the technology these days it really makes you miss the simpler way of receiving birthday greetings, get well wishes, love letters, and plain old catch you up with their life, letters from your friends. I remember back in our dating days, my husband and I wrote little letters to each other every so often. I still have many of them. We even wrote a list of "100 things we love about each other", I still have those too.
To this day, I love when there is a birthday card or even a postcard (super rare)arrives in my mail box waiting for me. I would absolutely flip if I received a letter from someone ! It would make my day. That's why I love ordering from Etsy so much, most items include a personal letter from the seller. Such a nice touch.
When we got married, I could not wait to send out thank you cards for our shower and wedding. I picked out ones that I thought were super cute, yet modern for our shower and of course the wedding ones were the typical photo card. I put a lot of thought in what I wrote to each person, expressing our excitement of receiving their gift and about our wedding. I hope it translated to each and every one of them the way I intended it to be.

I really love note cards. Tremendously. My best friend bought me a set from Crane years ago for my birthday that I just love. I think I've used them twice because they are so beautiful, they can only be used on special occasions. This is what they look like, this picture does not do them justice.

Do you know how hard it is to find note cards on the internet these days? The search results come up with a lot of e-cards. Come on now ! After a bit of tweaking the searches I found a bunch of them on the web I figured I would share.

Here's a little giraffe print for you. So adorable.

This could be the current theme of my life !

How this reminds me of a special lady and a special vacation in Florida.

For the soft but edgy side of all of us. Love the pink !

"Nuff said" here .

And for the Barbie lover in us all.

So tell me, do you love notes in the mail as much as I do ?

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